Gold Cup Results

I noticed that last year’s results aren’t listed…will we have Gold Cup results here this year?  Proofs are at Howard Schatzberg.

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  1. RaeOfLight says:

    Do I really have you guys THAT spoiled? We’re one day into the show and already I’m hearing it.

    Just kidding. I did email the show secretary earlier today and have been told where to find results for Gold Cup. I don’t see anything available yet, but will post information as soon as I can. There’s no page for last year because I just linked to the results rather than posting to a page here.

  2. somedaysue says:

    What did people think of the judging at the Gold Cup this year? In my opinion, it seemed as tho’ there was an effort to placate the rich and well-known, specifically giving one team the qualifying class and then giving the other team the championship. I saw this happen more than once and don’t quite understand the reversal of opinion. Although I must say that I have always been in favor of a judge re-examining the competition in the championship, and not just tying it the same as the qualifying class. Perhaps I’m just becoming too jaded in my advancing age, and can’t be satisfied???

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