Help Send Above Level to GN

Ok, so this is partly just a shameless plug. But, I have never been to OKC and am told I simply MUST go. Truth is, I’d love to. But I just haven’t yet been able to afford it. So, advertise on Above Level, help fill my coffers. OR, better yet, send some business my way. Need a website, or know someone who does? Get in touch with  Rae of Light, yeah, that’s me.  Check out the website for more information and work samples.  I’ve recently gotten back in touch with a few designer and developer friends from college so I have a broader base of expertise to pull from.  And this isn’t just for equine related sites, any small business or local group can benefit from having a website.  If I can keep busy enough for the next few months maybe you’ll see me walking around at OKC.  Would love to see you all there!

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