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Being new to the show barn/trainer situation I have a few questions. What is the protocol when your horse is in full time training but not ready to show yet and your trainer spends 8 days out of the month at shows. If there isn’t another trainer at the home barn to work your horse other than lunging while the trainer is gone do you just pay for the training anyway? How do clients and trainers deal with this issue?

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  1. Vintage_Rider says:

    You pay for training while the trainer is at a show. Most have someone working the horses, be it in long lines, lunging, riding, etc. Best to think of it is a break in your horse’s routine.

  2. windsofeternity says:

    I have had a very different and positive experience with my trainer. She keeps track of time when she’s away and works those days on to the end of the month. If you are paying for 30 days of training then you get 30 days of training. I think it’s a really honest, nice way of doing things…

  3. StacyGRS says:

    We work the time off when we’re at shows into the horse’s routine. In other words, they may work harder the week before and be building up to needing a reward of hand walking or light work and we schedule that in knowing when we’re gone. While we bill training by the month, we consider it “by the job”. In other words, if your horse is best off on an every other day working regime we don’t work it every day just because it’s in training. not that any of them work every other day, but we do figure out who is best when they work days on end in a row vs those that are at their freshest and best after a day off…for the sake of scheduling them to peak in the show ring. So, we don’t take money off of the bill for when we’re away, nor do we add it when we have to work a horse twice a day at a show (happens on occasion) or we have one that takes longer on a daily basis or if we have to work one on our day off for some reason. Some may get bitted or lined prior to their person riding them that day…they don’t get billed for extra work since they do their lesson and their prior work in the same day. It generally all works out.

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