You know you’re into Morgans when…

you read something about “Robbie Knievel, son of Evil Knievel” and your first thought is, “Wait a minute, I thought he was a gelding.”

This just happened to me about 5 minutes ago. I might start compiling a list to post later as I think of more things. How do you know you’re into Morgans?

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  1. somedaysue says:

    …when I see “Mizrahi” on some fashion show on television and my first thought is “I thought he was a stallion!” (And this could be interpreted a couple of different ways, and I meant them both!)

  2. jns767 says:

    Because I love Kohler brand faucets and get a kick out of their advertisements – the BOLD LOOK of Kohler. Only I get that in my circle of friends and family….or do I? And Ethen Allen furniture, even though I doubt there are any relations there.

  3. RaeOfLight says:

    Oh my goodness. My dad was a building contractor, so I’m used to seeing Kohler (and dare I mention Delta, Moen, American Standard) paraphenalia lying around. But I never made the Bold Look connection. Oh, that’s funny. I will admit, if I ever do any construction/remodeling, I might have to go with Kohler just because of the Morgan connection.

  4. Oakstar says:

    This is a general horse thing, no just for Morgans…I cluck to get things moving–the lawnmover, shopping carts, and sometimes my child!

  5. jns767 says:

    LOL, Oakstar!! I do that too. I always catch myself telling my dog to “Hoe” which is particularly bad out in public. Un-horsey people have no idea that it’s a horse related term and that I’m not yelling out a potentially bad word out to my dog randomly. I also cluck to my dog and sometimes, I tell my horse to sit – - – - LOL, I hope I don’t sound too crazy admitting that :).

  6. somedaysue says:

    Once after a horse show, a bunch of people were walking from the ring to the barns. A woman was backing up her car, and she didn’t realize that someone had parked behind her. In unison, about 15 people yelled, “WHOA!”. Not a single person yelled, “Stop”. That memory is burned into my brain.

  7. RaeOfLight says:

    I really like digging through the archives of this site sometimes and it made me chuckle to myself today when I found this one from about a year ago:

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