Just wanted to express gratitude to AboveLevel for existing as another way for Morgan lovers to communicate and get advise. I’m new on here, and I’ve been having lots of fun recently doing some posting and learning from everyone! I know we all don’t always agree, but it’s fun anyway. Whoever organizes this site: thank you for your work!


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  2. RaeOfLight says:

    You’re so welcome Yvonne! Thank you for your kind words. I took over this site from Beth Wilbur about a year ago. It took me quite some time to get my feet under me and get into the groove of it. I’m glad discussions have started to pick up again with the show season. I’ve been getting inspired with a lot of potential topics lately. They’re getting written down to pull out for a rainy day :)

    I see you’re located in Ohio, will you be at Penn-Ohio? I’m planning on going as a spectator and would love to catch up with you if you’ll be around.


  3. rodmanstables says:


    Hey, I’ve heard of/seen Beth Wilbur I think…she’s at Kelli Dreher’s barn right? Doesn’t she do her website? Did she start abovelevel originally?

    Also, as far as Penn-Ohio, we might go to Twin Rivers instead, (it’s the same weekend and it’s in-state) but I’m not sure. We haven’t taken horses anywhere this year yet b/c we don’t feel ready quite yet..but I’ll be around the Ohio shows probably as the summer moves forward. Please feel free to come visit our barn if/when you’re in the area..check out the website if you need my contact info. Feel free to email me your contact info if needed.

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