Question on Vaccinations for late term mares.

Has anyone had a problem with their late term pregnate mares after giving the vaccines commonly given 1 month before the due date of the foal

We lost our foal Tuesday morning. Tests so far don’t indicate viral or bacterial. The  mare aborted the foal 6 days after receiving the vaccinations.

They were Calvenza EWT/Wnile Flu/rhino and rabies.The The Vet administered  the vaccines and our mare was palpated . Everything was a go.The next day The mare started to bag up some and then more before aborting. Foal was 313 days. Most of the people we have spoken to have not had problems withthe vaccinations including the drug company.  Any ideas?

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  1. RaeOfLight says:

    I can’t find the exact records for my mare from last year. But my receipt from when I ordered vaccines is dated 4/9, and she foaled on 5/7. So she was vaccinated within 30 days.

  2. Flmorgan says:

    Thanks, I know this standard practice but the mare was fine until she was given the vaccines. I know there are a few large breeders on this site so hope to get some feedback. The drug manufactuer is paying the Vet bill and the histopathy bill as they too would like to find out if in fact this was the reason for the aborted foal.

  3. PlayMorBill says:

    This may be pure coincidence rather then drug related. Standard Operating Procedure here at PlayMor is to inoculate around 30 days prior to foaling. This is for the foals health as much as the mares.

    We had 24 foals this year. Of those, we lost one. I’ve been doing this forever and I still get teary when the little ones go. They’re as fragile as they are tough. When something as sad as losing a foal happens, we start asking questions, searching for a reason. It battles the sadness, but in the end I think it costs more then it helps.

    In my book, Mother Nature knows best and usually gets it right.


  4. PlayMorBill says:

    I didn’t really finish my original thought.

    23 foals from 24 pregnancies is actually pretty good. We’ve seen some thoroughbred farms with mortality rates worse then ours. However, when you have one mare and one foal, the circumstance is entirely different.

    Besides the sadness of the loss, there’s the having to wait another year for a baby.

    Sorry for your loss, FlMorgan.


  5. Flmorgan says:

    Thanks B. We will hear form the University on Wed. So far the test results are not indicating viral or bacterial. The cause could have been umbilcal torsion as the cord was twisted very tightly. We will hope to try again if our mare heals up okay. Such a disappointment. Thanks again.

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