First Harness classes

I will be showing my new mare in Classic Pleasure driving in July. She has been started in harness and shown extensively undersaddle but this will be her debut in harness in a show situation. She has a great mind and is very quiet. Can you give me any advice on what to do once I get to the show grounds? Should I warm her up in the long lines only?┬áThe warm up on Friday night is quiet hectic and I have seen other exhibitors take their driving horses in with only the lines….. Thanks in advance!

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  1. windsofeternity says:

    I was hoping someone was going to respond to this post. This will also be my first year showing Classic Pleasure Driving and I was curious to see what people had to say. Personally, I am planning on long-lining first. It’s easier to maneuver! What show are you planning on starting her at?

  2. Vintage_Rider says:

    I don’t know the grounds of where you are going, but if you are driving out of the ring at home, I know folks that take the sane ones on short walks, jogs around the grounds.

  3. KnightRhyder says:

    I am in Canada so she will be starting at our small show. Good luck to you to!

    Could I get some suggestions on attire? I have never shown classic before – only Carriage. I am having trouble find information regarding what to wear. An apron? From the looks of it people are wearing jackets and dark gloves.

  4. Vintage_Rider says:

    Aprons are for carriage only. Nice slacks and top without skin hanging out unless it is in the 90′s. Take a look in the rags (connection and morgan horse for ideas).

  5. windsofeternity says:

    I have been looking at photo proofs from shows this year (VT Morgan) and it seems like a modern cut jacket with slacks are good for the day classes and the evening classes have more pizzaz. Does anyone know if driving glasses are preferred? It seemed like there were some people who had them on and others who did not. Also, I know the rule book requires that classic horses back when driving. Is it still common for the judges to ask? I know western changed their rules this year…


  6. StacyGRS says:

    a top with sleeves, either pants or a long skirt, shoes with a heel that will not get caught in the slats of the boot of the cart, gloves, glasses of some sort.
    Have fun!!:):)

  7. StacyGRS says:

    they have to ask and they will ask for the back in a classic class.
    Glasses are preferred for the comfort of the driver…dirt in your eye will instantly end the fun of showing! Some wear goggle type, mine are a pair of regular frames from lenscrafters that I got plain clear glass put into…just something to block the dirt and dust.

  8. Sue says:

    You can wear an apron-however it is not required as in carriage. (Judy Whitney would wear an apron all the time) However, slacks and a nice top are completely appropriate. My pet peeve is gloves-cannot stand a lady driver without them. It just looks unfinished to me. While the evening classes do have a tendency to be a bit more blingy it’s not Park Harness so don’t go over the top. Classic must back-no ifs ands or buts. You will need to stand quietly in the line up-that’s a real biggie. If your horse won’t stand checked-try a shoestring on the end of the check and have your header move the check to the string in the line up. That can help with younger horses. The best advice I can giive in Classic is to make it look easy. Don’t over drive keep it sweet and pretty and HAVE FUN.

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