Showing Broodmares

Breeding and showing are 2 things I have not done a lot of, but as I continue to be involved in Morgans I hope to do more of both.  I’m curious what experience folks have had with showing a mare while she’s in foal.  I’m sure results vary from horse to horse depending on their past show experience and temperament.  But in general how are bred mares able to handle the stress (both mental and physical) of maintaining a show schedule?  And how long into their pregnancy are they typically able to keep it up?

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  1. ago8281 says:

    The biggest thing you have to worry about when competing off the farm with your broodmare is sickness.
    We lost a foal at about 5 months when the mare picked up a little virus at a show. She got a fever, then a nasal discharge. She acted colicky and then she lost the foal.
    Even the minor virus can be dangerous to an embryo

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