Evening with Sandy Sessink……

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to cordially invite you to dinner and great company!  Ohio Morgan Horse Association is hosting a dinner with Sandy Sessink.  Everyone to arrive by 6PM at Windcrest Farms in Wooster Ohio.

Sandy is going to do a presentation on the neat tricks for dressing for success for the show ring. 

Ohio Morgan Horse Association will be providing dinner and refreshments and a General Meeting open to the public on May 22, 2010 6PM. 

During the day Sandy will be conducting Clinics,  Audits are welcome, so come and be with us for the day and have dinner :)

All information is on our website www.ohiomorganhorse.com

Amy Snyder – OMHA President

3 Responses to Evening with Sandy Sessink……

  1. Jrchloe says:

    Are there any kind folks that could take notes to share with those who don’t live in Ohio? Or will this be covered by one of the magazines?

  2. GraceMorgn says:

    I second that request. I woul love to have a recap of tips and tricks. Thanks.


  3. somedaysue says:

    The website that Amy mentions above, http://www.ohiomorganhorse.com, will have a write up about this event. We may also submit a story about the clinics and the presentation to some horsey periodicals to see if they are interested in printing the story.

    As far as passing on the tips & secrets, we will have to discuss that with Sandy Sessink to see just how much she wants to divulge. Since she is in the business of training horses, coaching exhibitors and giving such presentations, she may not want to distribute all her gems of wisdom for free. But if she does offer up some secrets for all to share, that will be included in the website story.

    We hope that all that can attend will come & hear what the clinics and the presentation have to offer!

    Susan Walker – OMHA webmistress

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