CopperDragon Sale

I was wondering if anyone had gone to the sale and would be able to tell me who bought TTA Freedom Hall- Lot #36?  He is a big chestnut park saddle gelding.  Just curious who ended up with him.  Thanks!


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  1. RaeOfLight says:

    I’ve seen information on some prices floating around, but no information on buyers. Here are the prices I’ve seen.

    1. Dragonsmeade Sirita 2000
    2. CBMF Luxurious 1000
    3. CBMF Seal the Deal 2100
    4. Tara’s Mojito 1200 (N/S?)
    5. Dragonsmeade Soloist 4300
    6. Dior 3500
    7. CBMF Street Chatter 2500
    8. Dragonsmeade Oberon 1000 (N/S?)
    9. CBMF Brief Interlude 7200
    10. Dragonsmeade Kalahari 4200
    11. CBMF Living Proof 3800
    12. Dragonsmeade Evening Hour 3900
    13. CBMF Slow Burn 6000
    14. CBMF Art of War 5500
    15. Dragonsmeade Red Dragon 1400
    16. Dragonsmeade What a Day 1000 (N/S)
    17. CBMF Stealing Away 5200
    18. JW Gay Paree 4800
    19. DMH Preconceived Notion 8200
    20. CBMF Princess Cut 2000
    21. CBMF Richochet 17000
    22. CBMF Inside OUT no saled.
    23. RLH Electra 6300
    24. CBMF Slippery When Wet 2000
    25. Tara’s Fire When Ready 2200
    26. CBMF Celebration Time 1300
    27. Comoshun’s Cracklin Rose 11000
    28. Trebles Love Song 9700
    29. Dragonsmeade Olympia 1000 (N/S?)
    30. CBMF Closing Belle 6000
    31. Tara’s Chipotle 3300
    32. Dragonsmeade Belle Chase 2700
    33. CBMF By Popular Demand 7000
    34. CBMF Cool Hand Luke 6700
    35. Dragonsmeade Eclipse 6500
    36. TTA Freedom Hall 7500
    37. Arboria Victor’s Pride 5800
    38. Dragonsmeade Spot On 17000
    39. CBMF Beck and Call 2600
    40. CBMF Happy Ending 1200
    41. Dragonsmeade Idlewild 7700 (N/S?)
    42. FCF Escapade 9200
    43. CBMF Look Who’s Talking 11500
    44. Dragonsmeade Andromeda 8500
    45. CBMF Audition 6300
    46. Dragonsmeade Zegna 11500
    47. CBMF Street Lade 13000
    48. Dragonsmeade Cali 4300
    49. CBMF Slip and Slide 3500
    50. Tara’s Fire and Ice 6000
    51. CBMF Visonary 1000 (N/S)
    52. Zanetti 10,000
    53. Dragonsmeade Elevation 19000
    54. Stonecroft Flammable 12000
    55. Dragonsmeade Autumn Waltz 3000
    56. Dragonsmeade Waittildark 18000
    57. Whispering Material Girl 21000
    58. Dragonsmeade Onegin 11,000
    59. LGH Destiny’s Royal Bliss 2600
    60. Dragonsmeade Love Song 6500
    61. Dragonsmeade Tahari 16500
    62. CBMF Top Prize 7500
    63. Dragonsmeae Axios Breeing 6500
    64. CBMF Auacious 3700
    65. HVK Obsidian – Embryo 37000

  2. Oakstar says:

    Wow, thanks for the information. I was also wondering about the sale. I think some people got some awesome deals! I would have been happy with just about any of those horses. Sigh. Maybe next time!

  3. RaeOfLight says:

    Here’s a short write-up on the AMHA website:

  4. leslie says:

    Okay, I’m pretty much an outsider to the world of buying and selling, but I remember the PlayMor sale that was held in conjunction with Cochran a few years ago had a similar result. The far-and-away top seller was an embryo.

    Why is this? Do people pay for the thrill of the gamble, or are the bloodlines really worth more than any of these other horses plus any training they might have?

  5. RaeOfLight says:

    You know, I’ve wondered that same thing myself a bit. However, having dabbled in breeding, I will put on my “breeder hat” and take a stab. Any horse you buy, there may be a lot of things that you can change, but bloodlines is not one of those things. Obsidian offers a number of valuable attributes as a broodmare. Bell Flair fillies are proving to be outstanding broodmares (highlighted in the “And the Bottom Line Is…” article in a recent TMC). Obsidian is no exception. She’s produced a number of lovely foals and her bottom line is also excellent. She’s only got 1 cross to In Command, making her ideal to breed to anything. The option to cross her to the stallion of “my” choice is very appealing. In a sense, partly the thrill of the gamble, but with her I think you’re gambling with the odds in your favor.

    I also think you have to look at other foals; SLB ANDIAMO – 2002, QUEEN’S COCOA PUFF – 2002, OWN THE NIGHT – 2003, DRAGONSMEADE ICON – 2004, DRAGONSMEADE AXIOS – 2005. None of them very old, most all of them known. And how often are any of those horses going to come on the market, and what would they go for? Probably at least the going rate of the embryo.

  6. leslie says:

    That makes sense. She’s a proven producer, so her DNA alone is worth something.

    But here’s my follow-up. Is there any Morgan stallion that gets that much for a stud fee? Isn’t this sort of equivalent? You’re getting half your future foal’s DNA for whatever you pay.

    And are her bloodlines significantly superior to the other horses in the sale? I’ll admit, my working knowledge of bloodlines is, well, non-existent. But just from flipping through the sales catalog, I’m going to guess that there were no backyard mistakes running through this particular sale!

  7. Jenny Van Oel says:

    Hi Ashley, TTA Freedom Hall came up here to Michigan to a client at Liberty Stables.

  8. empressive says:

    Hi all!

    Did anyone see the stallion CBMF Cool Hand Luke? I see that he sold, just curious as to how he turned out.

  9. pukiza says:

    Yes, her bloodline is superior in that it all blended together to make her a genetic giant of a blue hen mare. She is a sure thing. I’d be breeding her back to Mizrahi to reap the profits from my investment.

  10. RaeOfLight says:

    Also, for a mare, there are a number of breeders who say the mare is more important than the stallion. This might not be quite as true when you’re talking about embryo transfer, but certainly when the mare raises the foal.

    As far as paying that much for stallion services… I think the explanation there is basic economics, supply v demand. A stallion can sire a very high number of foals in a given year, a mare can only produce 1 with the exception of embryo transfer. But even then the number is limited.

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