Lunge Line Exercises

Looking for everyones favorite lunge line exercise for your

riders. Riders of all ages and levels.  Thanks!

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  1. GraceMorgn says:

    Some of my favorite lunge line lessons are for a more advanced rider and are brideless and often stirrupless. You can tie a leg wrap aroud the horse’s neck for a grab strap for some security.

    We have the riders start out at the walk in a two point position to work on leg position and muscles. Really work on stretching out the heel and maintaining good balance. If they can’t do it without touching their hands, then work up to it, but that is the ultimate goal.

    Once we start trotting, we start in a natural riding position, with hands where they would normally hold them. Work on balance, a soft post and again good leg position. Really watch the outside leg to make sure they maintain even weight in both legs and don’t start to cheat. Then I have them start moving their arms in all sorts of directions (windmills, wiggling, flapping, etc) while they maintain their posting and leg position. You want them to have independent hands and a relaxed upper body. You want them to post the same no matter what their arms are doing.

    We do the same things when they canter and eventually all of the workouts without stirrups. The two point without stirrups is especially hard, but it really strengthens legs.

    Hope this helps.


  2. lainer1030 says:

    Lunge line lessons are great to teach balance and lightness for the rider. Depending on how advanced the rider is most of these exercises can be done at all three gaits. A great way to start out is riding with eyes closed, and hands on hips. Stretching exercises like reaching to the opposite foot with the opposite hand, reaching one hand at a time to the horses ears, then tail. Also, we used to call it “around the world” basically having the student turn completely around in the saddle, legs to one side, then facing the tail, legs to the other side, the forward again.
    I hope this gives you some good ideas!!

  3. No Kidding says:

    my trainer has done the following exercises with me on the lunge. (BOMBPROOF HORSE/PONY NEEDED)

    my trainer has recently bought some soft nerf type balls. and we go around at the walk and/or trot and she tosses them to use and we have to catch them. it works on hand-eye cordination. and trust me, its not as easy as it sounds. i fell off my first time doing it. but it deff works.

  4. Thanks for all the great ideas. I am putting them to the test this week :0)
    Thanks again!

  5. Gomers Girl says:

    My trainer would take my stirrups right off the saddle the second I got on – this can be done on or off the lunge line, but it is especially effective when on the lunge line and working without reins. She would make me do things like hands on hips, behind back, on my head, and in normal position, while doing the posting trot, sitting trot, two-point, and transitions from the walk to trot, trot to walk, and eventually, walk to the canter.

    I’m going to tell her about throwing nerf balls for us to catch them, that is a great idea!! We need new ways to torture our younger kids, haha :)

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