Pick of the Pasture

I came across something really interesting a few days ago.  Folks involved in other breeds might have a better idea about the details, but it looks like an Arabian breeder/trainer who’s doing a raffle benefit offering “pick of the crop” for their 2009 foals.  Here it is on Facebook.   The tickets are a bit pricey, but way less than you’d pay for the horse otherwise.  Half the money raised goes to benefit the Horsemen’s Distress Fund.

They have an “Alumni” album, which I’m not sure if those are horses who’ve been “picked” in previous years, or other horses that have come from this farm.

This just seems like a really neat idea.  A bit different from your typical raffle where a single horse is offered, and a good way to generate interest in a slumping economy.  Not to mention helping out a good cause.

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