TMH: Who do YOU love?

For the second year TMH will spotlight 10-15 women in the Morgan world who are added to the annual honor roll.  A tribute to each woman is published in the editorial section May issue of TMH, and this year they’re looking to you for nominations.  Nominations may include anyone living (of any age) or deceased who has had an iconic and historic impact on the breed.  The final decision will rest in the hands of AMHA staff, but one of the spots will be selected specifically from your nominations.

Nominations can be submitted via email to, or posted on their Facebook wall and must be limited to 50 words or less.

Last years list of women consisted of Helen Brunk Greenwalt, Judy Whitney Harris, Mary Woolverton, Anita Hoitsma, Sid Spencer, Frances Pugh, Betty Greene, Pat Tatronis Orcutt, Martha V Dupont, Mary Jean Vasiloff, Gloria Jones, Marilyn Childs, Anna Ela and Ruth Orcutt.

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