Monthly Archives: April 2010

Lunge Line Exercises

Looking for everyones favorite lunge line exercise for your riders. Riders of all ages and levels.  Thanks!

USEF General Rules Deep Dive

So I was looking for something in the USEF 2010 rule book, and came across some rules that I thought were interesting and helped explain some questions I have had while watching at shows…Makes me realize how much more detailed I need to read the rules!  Here is some food for thought… With all the…

Win a FREE package for the 2011 AMHA Convention

AMHA is offering a free package to next year’s annual convention in Boston, MA. For your chance to win just get your creative juices flowing and submit a theme and slogan for the 2011 convention. Click here for the details on the AMHA site and information on how to submit your theme.

Santa Cruz Show Cancelled

The Santa Cruz Horse Show in Watsonville, CA scheduled for July 9-11 of this year has been cancelled. I don’t know the details for why, but I know the folks who run it are hopeful about resuming the show next year. The show is put on by the The San Francisco Peninsula Association.

Auditing Judge’s Schools

I’m considering attending the judge’s school at Jubilee this year. Since I’m not pursuing my judges card, I’m just wanting to do it for educational purposes, I was thinking I’d just audit. I’ve downloaded the forms from the AMHA website (application/schedule, handbook, etc). The schedule marks which sessions are for applicants at their first or…

OKC Videos from 2004-2006

Hi there, I am trying to find the company that did the videos at OKC in 2004-2006.  Was it Richvale??  I have googled until I am blue and just no luck.  What I am specifically looking for are videos from the Roadster divisions from any or all of those years.  Anyone have any ideas?? thanks,…

McLain Ward and Sapphire

Instead of doing my homework, I was checking out the results for the World Cup in Geneva.  I know this has nothing to do with our world – my horse looks a a jump and runs the other way – but I was curious to what everyone thinks of this unfolding situation.  I have a…

Youth Classes at Nationals?

Is the age limit for the youth classes at Nationals 21 & under or 22 & Under?  Thank you

Equine Massage Therapy

Does anyone know anything about equine massage therapy? Is it effective? Worth the money? Do you have someone you use? I see the advantages with in myself from using massage therapy and I am wondering if it is also effective with horses. Thanks!

Looking a training/work saddle

I’m looking for a used training saddle to fit a typical Morgan build.  Does anybody have one for sale or know where to look?  Saddle can have some wear but needs to be sound.