need help with western show saddle


I’m new to the Morgan show world and I am having difficulty finding a western show saddle to fit my Morgan.  What brands do you like the best?  What width/type of tree seems to work best?  My gelding has a short back, decent withers but the typical round morgan barrel.  The Dale Chavez’s I have tried seemed to have alot of bulk under my thigh which make it difficult to feel the horse.  What about Victor saddles or Broken Horns?   Help!

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  1. DocsGirl says:

    I have a Billy Cook that I absolutely love! It is a Full QH bar. My gelding is the same way, and we had to try on quite a few saddles before we found one that worked. I guess the key is to not settle for anything less than a perfect fit, even if it means trying a lot of saddles. I also had a wonderful talk with a lady from Sackett Ridge about how much she recommends the new Circle Y saddles. Good Luck!

  2. Carley says:

    ive had the most luck with my billy royal western saddle, i believe it has semi-QH bars. ive also heard that circle y and the big horn (with semi-qh bars) fit well. your best bet is just to try on lots of saddles until you find the best possible fit.

  3. Vintage_Rider says:

    My mare is rather large for a Morgan, but I absolutely LOVE, LOVE,LOVE my Kathy’s saddle. Close contact, it fits perfectly front to back for our shorter backed Morgans, as well as their “roundness” shall we say… It is THE most comfortable western saddle I have ever owned. Full QH bars (did I mention she was large?)… they are pricey, but well worth it. Keep an eye out for a used one.

  4. mbk says:

    Check out

    I just got my new one delivered and LOVE it. They offer stock designs as well as custom. Many of the OKC horses are using them…Andy Marlett, Mary Luedtke, Ling Fu Wylie and Josh Nobel to name a few. Check them out.


  5. westcoastgal says:

    Thanks for all the wonderful feedback. I feel like I have some options now and know where to look.

  6. goshowmorgans says:

    What about the Circle Y Flex2 saddles at Sackett Ridge? Has anyone tried any of those? I certainly like the look online and they are designed with Morgans & Arabs in mind. I think the price is pretty good compared to some of the others.


  7. octoberlalique730 says:

    We have a Circle Y Flex tree show saddle from Sackett Ridge, and so do a couple other people at our show barn. We all love it. Sackett Ridge was great….when the first headstall didn’t fit our gelding when we got it home, they met us at the next MA show with a couple of other options to fit him personally. Very accomodating…..

    Our gelding we use the saddle on is very deep barreled, but we have used it on other Morgans too. It seems to fit them all great.

    Hope this is helpful.

  8. westcoastgal says:

    For those who use the Circle Y Flex tree show saddles do you have the regular(6 3/4″ tree) or the wide tree?

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