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Hey folks, I want to start off with extending a BIG thanks to those of you who participate in discussion on this site.  Any of you who know much about me know that I’m just a little podunk, 2-horse operation with little to contribute to a Morgan show forum.  So I really appreciate those of you who have helped keep discussion rolling on this site. Not just discussion, RESPECTFUL discussion! It’s been almost a year since Beth handed over the reins to me and I can only remember 1 time I’ve had to step in and remove a comment.

However, I would like to request that you be respectful of a few additional guidelines.  This portion of the site is primarily intended for discussion purposes.  I know in the past it’s also been used for event promotion and classifieds postings, but (and some of you might not have noticed this) I have added Events, and Classifieds pages for these types of items (see the bar on the top-right of the screen).  The classifieds page is open for any registered user to list items for sale and includes categories for Horses, Tack, Show Apparel and Wanted.  To request an additional category, or to have an event added to the calendar please email me, (actually, I believe there has been some trouble in the past with emails going through to that address, so if you don’t hear back from me try

In my spare time I do try to continually add things to the site that make it more useful and user-friendly, so if you ever have suggestions or comments, I always appreciate hearing from you.


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  1. empressive says:

    Hey Erin!

    As I understand that many of the people that visit this site show Morgans (let alone the fact that this is a Morgan show blog) I was thinking that it may be fun to showcase a Morgan horse that is for sale occasionally or even a horse and rider combo that is showing or did well at a show.

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