I am frustrated with the PRO-AM horse show, and would like others input on this. I have a ten year old that is brand new to walk trot canter. The horse show only offers an Open Hunter Pleasure and a Morgan Hunter Pleasure. I talked with two other GA Morgan trainers and combined between just the three of us – We have a total of eight Junior Exhibitor hunt  riders. Three of which are BRAND NEW into cantering.  I called and asked if they could add a junior exhibitor qualifier and championship. I also told them that we would be happy to SPONSOR the classes. The Vice President of the horse show told us ABSOLUTELY NOT. She said she would not add classes after the prize list was made , no matter if we were going to sponsor them or if it was a safety issue.  She said the young riders could just go in the 12 and under walk trot.

I told her that I could not have my clients fly in from michigan to come to a show that wont offer anything for them to go into. She said she was sorry if she was being ‘ rank ‘ but they would not do it.  How frustrating!

I feel like in a time of economic crisis in the horse world they would be doing what they could to get more entries and to make horse shows successful. We would be sponsoring an eight horse junior exhibitor hunter pleasure and equitation class.  Wheres the logic behind this? Why would a horse show NOT want to do this?

We will not be going to the ProAm held in Perry, GA this year – and most likely will not ever return to it. The show was very unhelpful. I dont understand how they plan on getting more Morgans to come to the show if they wont even accommodate the existing ones.

Any imput on this would be great. Thank you – Bre Schultz      Northern Winds Stable

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  1. Jennifer says:

    If it is an A rated show, I believe there are restrictions for changing the prize list. In Michigan we have added the option classes to our shows. Check out to see a prize list example. Even at that I did receive a request to add another class and I plan to accomodate the entry.

  2. morganexpressions says:

    I find that very surprising. Especially since you offered to sponsor the classes. Most A rated shows have TBA classes in their prize list to accommodate such requests. If they aren’t an A-rated show I would find it inexcusable. Pretty poor management if they weren’t willing to offer you a good explanation behind their decision. Good luck. It will end up hurting the show in the end.

  3. mbk says:

    There are some restrictions but it’s not impossible…how unfortunate they took that course. If you are looking for a show with a large Jr. Exhibitor division…check out the WNY Show May 28-30 in Hamburg, NY


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