Farm Help Needed in MN

Morgan farm in Mpls. metro is looking for someone for general chores as well as assisting with foals and young horses 4 days per week and am/pm chores while owner is away. We have anywhere between 7 and 14 horses at any one time, youngsters as well as mature horses. This is a great opportunity to learn correct handling and caretaking skills that will carry you forward in your equestrian career.

Duties will include but are not limited to:



stall cleaning

 Learn how to:

 halter break

teach to lead, clip, stand for vet and farrier, load

design appropriate feed rations for all classes of horses

prepare horses for sale and show

IM shots

 The perfect candidate is calm and kind, not afraid of hard work, getting a bit dirty and can work independently when needed. Must be willing and able to learn new ways of doing things, from leading to stall cleaning. Previous horse experience is absolutely mandatory.

 Please send e-mail to if interested and we’ll set up an interview

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