New Morgan Show in Lexington, KY

You heard it here first folks, this show isn’t even on the AMHA calendar of events.  It’s called the Bluegrass Morgan Classic and will be at the indoor arena at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, July 7-11.  Judging this year will be Larry Bolen and Cindy Mugnier.  There will be a full line-up of classes including in-hand.  Check the website,, regularly for more information.

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  1. jns767 says:

    I think that’s very exciting! I visited the KHP this summer and thought that the new indoor arena looked awesome! I’m assuming it’s going to be in the new arena.

  2. Jan says:

    The Bluegrass Morgan Classic will be held in the Covered Arena which has a nice, large warm-up ring and stalls located next to the ring. Our website is bring built and as information becomes available we will post as soon as possible. Look for the class line-up and show bill to appear shortly. We are so excited to bring Morgans to the KHP and show off to the world our amazingly talented horses. We hope everyone who can, will put the show date on their calendar and spread to word to other Morgans friends.

  3. cowgirlup23 says:

    It was announced at the AMHA convention, my VP gave me a call and told me it was official, glad they have a website we all can goto!

  4. 91BEAU12 says:

    The Crystal Farms crew is so excited for this Kentucky show! What a great way to showcase our breed at the horse park. We will be attending in force!

  5. leslie says:

    It’s not in the new indoor, but for a mid-summer show, I almost think the old arena will be nicer since the sides can open to allow airflow.

    Right now there are only two rated Morgan shows in Kentucky (not including this one.) One is Morab Nationals in October at the Horse Park and the other is the Ky State Fair in Louisville, right before Saddlebred worlds. Both have painfully low entries and are in danger of being canceled. So if you’re inclined to visit the commonwealth to show your horses, please consider these other shows as well! That goes double for anyone who has hunter/jumpers or dressage horses.

  6. PlayMorBill says:

    From what I’ve been able to gather, it sounds like we’re going to have a pretty good turnout of major barns from around the midwest. Should be an awesome show.

    I, for one, am going to bring my happy face, which I plan to use on any unexpecting tuorist I see wandering around the showgrounds. If their kid wants to pet a nose, I’ll find a friendly one. If they want to know how we pick winners, I’ll go sit ringside and tell ‘em to pick out their favorites. It always amazes them when their pick hits the board.

    The Kentucky Horse Park is packed every day of the summer with tourists from both here and abroad. Opportunities to expand our presence beyond our current boundries will be rampant. Same can be said for WEG (the World Equestrian Games) in September.

    b. <–Happy Face packed

  7. PlayMorBill says:

    Oh, and Leslie: I believe the Morgan show at the Kentucky State Fair has finally been canceled. I think they had 27 horses last year. People just won’t attend a two day show when the two days are Monday & Tuesday!

  8. Jan says:

    You are right on target, Bill. What better way to market our Morgans than to show off to people we know are interested in horses! Love that Happy Face of yours….!

  9. leslie says:

    Sorry to hear about the state fair. It was definitely on my schedule this year.

    Good ideas about being tourist-friendly. That’s another advantage to being in the old covered arena instead of the new indoor. The new arena and its stabling are a bit isolated, but the other show areas are in sight of some of the Park’s main attractions.

    But next year I think they should try to book the stadium. :)

  10. RaeOfLight says:

    This is news to me about the KY State Fair. It does show up on the AMHA list of 2010 shows falling on August 16-17, so I did add it here. The website for the Fair still shows 2009 info for all the horse shows though, so I can’t confirm.

  11. PlayMorBill says:

    Update: The Kentucky State Fair does have the dates reserved for the Morgan show.

  12. Ebony Moon Morgans says:

    I think this will be a great new venue for our Morgans. A nice, fairly central location with prime facilities. We look forward to attending with our stables and having our trainer show our gelding for us.

    I would suggest even coming to watch the show, if you aren’t bringing any to show. Kentucky Horse Park is a great place for the entire family!!!

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