2010 AMHA Convention

This convention was a first for me, and one I’m very grateful to have participated in.  I almost didn’t go mostly due to cost and logistics of setting up for someone to feed the horses while I’m gone, etc.  But in the end it was definitely well worth it, and I recommend all Morgan owners try to make at least one at some point in time.  I’m sure I’ll see my fair share of conventions down the road.

The festivities started up first thing Wed evening with a welcome reception at Playmor farm.  The reception was so well coordinated and included a dinner.  They had set up tables in their indoor arena, with a path left open around the outside for the horses that were brought out for us later.  The line-up was stellar, including such names as Stonecroft Byzantine, Arboria Noble Victor, SpiceOLife Present Tense, RJM Pardon my French, Centerpiece, Minion Millenium and Mizrahi, along with a number of sale horses from various stables.  There were a few folks taking test rides later on, so there may have even been some sales later that night.

Thursday was the farm tours.  It was FREEZING, but we all tried to make the best of it.  Keeneland Racetrack was first.  Although this isn’t a Morgan landmark, it’s an equine sporting landmark and is a beautiful track.

Next came Saralin where there was a mare who had been kind enough to have her foal the night before so we could all stand around oohing and aahing.  A few of the highlights here were a couple other mares with foals, a Dragonsmeade Icon yearling filly, and a number of breeding stallions including a Chicagoan son and Mine (yes, that is the name of the horse).

Dragonsmeade of course was lovely.  Again, the list of familiar names is overwhelming, Dragonsmeade Icon, HVK Obsidian, Beethoven, Bocelli, And the Beat Goes On (who might now just be my new favorite Morgan stallion).

We wrapped up the day with a glimpse into the future of the Morgan Pavilion at the Kentucky Horse Park.  Honestly it’s not much more than a hole in the ground at this point, but the foundation has been laid and there was a model and multiple CG drafts.

Thursday night was the AMHI dinner which was packed to overflowing, followed by the benefit auction.  I did not stay for this entire event as it became standing room only, but I heard it went well.

Friday and Saturday were mostly seminars, with something for everyone.  For each session there was something I was interested in, but I never felt torn as to which one to choose, so the scheduling there worked out really well for me.

Friday night was the awards banquet, MC’d by Harry Sebring.  For those of you who didn’t know, Harry skipped out on the Wed night reception at Playmor for a Black Eyed Peas concert.  So it was only appropriate that the awards presentations began with some tunes (I got a feelin….).  A number of worthy recipients were honored.  I don’t have the complete list in front of me, but I’m sure it’s posted somewhere.

I did not go to the luncheon on Saturday, but I felt the reception and Stallion Service auction in the evening was an appropriate close to the event.  Mizrahi and 3 of his sons (Dragonsmeade Icon, Graycliff Tony and Mastroianni) were the top 4 horses at the close of online bidding.  The other service to break into the top 5 at the end of the night was AFF Leroy Brown, selling for 5000.  I believe Dragonsmeade Icon and Mizrahi tied for top bid at 5700… although I had a rather rambunctious and distracting table behind me (you know who you were, in the back corner :) ).

Next year’s convention will be in Boston.  Not sure when I’ll make it to another one, but I’d definitely go again.  It was such an education and I met a lot of people who were so enjoyable.  I would love to hear other folks’ impressions.


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  1. morganrider says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience Erin. BTW I also love the calendar set up.

  2. leslie says:

    This was my first AMHA convention, too, and I only went to part of it, but it was definitely worthwhile. The farm tour was a lot of fun, but COLD.

    I’d love to go to another one sometime and attend the whole thing. Maybe if they hold it in San Diego again, or somewhere else where it’s warm in February. :)

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