Importing a Morgan from United States

Hi everyone,

I am looking to buy an English Pleasure horse at one of the Morgan sales/auctions (i.e. Signature Sale in April) and import it from the United States into Canada. I was wondering if anyone knows how to go about doing this (i.e. make sure I have all the right paper work to get across the border? Would I have to leave the horse after the sale? etc.).

Any information would be very much appreciated!!!

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  1. DVFMorgan says:

    You need to have a current Coggins test, which most all the sale horses all ready have. You will need current health papers (aka export papers) which need to be signed and stamped by a Federal Vet. This is where you can have a problem, getting those papers signed and stamped before the horse is ready to transport. I know the Cochran Sale when it used to be in Ohio was very easy to get that done, and also in their Lexington location. If your horse is being shipped commercial, they will require you go through a broker at the border, very simple, just costs more money. You have to pay GST on your purchase price.

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