Looking for used but still functional bustles. Minor repairs okay, but don’t want to have to piece together. Let me know if you have anything laying around and how much you’re asking.


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  1. jns767 says:

    Carley –

    This may or may not interest you, but we do have some nice bustles and harnesses as well as MANY other items for sale at the farm. Barn Owner is opening up a tack consignment shop and she has some really nice stuff! ~ just thought I’d put it out there. :)

  2. windsofeternity says:


    You might want to try trot.org, which is a saddlebred website. They have a used tack section at http://www.extendedtrot.com/category.php?cat=1

    Good Luck!

  3. Carley says:

    JNS – when is this happening? I might have to send someone over lol

  4. jns767 says:

    Carley -

    The Consignment Shop is a couple of years in the making; it would be worthwhile to send someone over b/c there are some gorgeous things there. Especially if you like a more vintage look – lots of really nice quality saddle, bridles, harnesses, and bits – etc ;)

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