Carole L. Mercer’s Dancing Morgans @ WEG


“Carole L. Mercer and the Dancing Morgans, the most versatile Morgan Mares in the World” are pleased to announce participation in the Equine Village of the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games, which will be held at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington September 25- October 10, 2010 . Carole and her mares will be performing October, 7, 8, 9, 10- 2010.

The Equine Village will be a world-class spectator attraction, offering equine entertainment, educational activities and lectures from equine industries.  This feature exhibit area will be a major part of the atmosphere and attractions offered to Games visitors in addition to the world championship competitions in eight equestrian sports.

“We have created the Equine Village to serve as an educational experience for the Games’ spectators about different breeds, disciplines, and all that the equine industry encompasses,” said Jamie Link, CEO of the World Games 2010 Foundation.

As a member of the 2010 Games Equine Village ,” Carole L. Mercer and the Dancing Morgans”, will showcase the versatility of the Dancing Morgans on the grounds at the Kentucky Horse Park to hundreds of thousands of spectators during the 16 days of competition.

Activities provided by” Carole L. Mercer and the Dancing Morgans” will include  the fine art of a “ Tandem Ride and Drive” Carole rides one Morgan mare, Bob, western sidesaddle  and drives the other mare, Valentine in tandem using long lines.. Carole and her lovely Morgan mares perform a dressage musical kur and enjoy every step of the dance.   Please visit with   Carole ( age of 65 and Bob and Valentine’s combined ages of  30 )…you will enjoy almost 100 years of horsemanship.

Who would have ever thought that this Oregon Cowgirl and her lovely “Dancing Morgans” would dance off their home range of Eagle Point , Oregon to entertain “world –wide spectators at the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games! Here they are from the pastures of Oregon: from the trails of the Cascade  Mountains ;and  the working Rolling Wheel Cattle Ranch to Kentucky Horse Park and the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games – Many thanks to Carole L. Mercer’s manager, Nancy Savage. Without Nancy ’s untiring energy and enthusiasm and inspiration: this team would not be what they are today. Here are the “Dancing Morgans and Carole L. Mercer.” They have all traveled BEYOND THEIR DREAMS.

Both general admission and competition ticket holders will have access to the activities in the Equine Village , as well as other attractions including the Trade Show, Kentucky Experience, Alltech International Pavilion, and sponsor showrooms.  With approximately 600,000 tickets to be sold, spectators will come from around the world to witness the highest achievements in equestrian sport.

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