Cochran Auction

For those out there who weren’t able to make it, I felt like it was a decent auction this year.  I’m told better quality horses this year than last.  There were 5 horses added to the catalog;

Raintree Let’s Dance (Born to Boogie x FCF Dearest Illusion) – 1998 Bay Mare
D Bar J Zachariah (Strut’n Star Time x D Bar J Chebar) – 1999 Black Gelding
FRF Fireworks (DBA Street Talk x BNF Kirsten) – 2007 Chestnut Stallion
BNB Under (Roadshow St Patrick x Eclectic Serenade) – Duress – 2000 Bay Mare
GFF Special Illusions (Nobility x Briza Morgan Le Fay) – 1993 Chestnut Mare
Faircrest Opening Night (Century Nightmusic x Hylee’s Diamond Fantasy) – 2007 Bay Gelding

#34 was replaced with a 2007 Ultra’s Special Agent filly, but I didn’t catch the name of the horse.

There were also a number of scratches from the original catalog;

#9 – LR Amie Creme Caramel
#11 – Ultra’s Top of the Morning
#14 – Unapologetic (I had been looking forward to seeing this filly)
#19 – Hylee’s Dawn’s Echo
#14 – Tre’s No Explanation (another I had been interested in seeing)
#28 – Wendigo Lord Baden Powell
#31 – Wind-Blue Aviator
#32 – Uninhibited
#35 – SPR Margarita
#40 – Intermezzo
#41 – AW Midnight Oasis
#45 – LR Ami High Five
#48 – SPR Legend
#49 – Hollybrook Now Hear This

A few of my favorites;

#20 – Graywoods Beloved Answer – A very nice spicy mare, supposedly rideable, but I would peg her calling as a broodmare.
#25 – Century Mardi Gras – This was a NICE show gelding.  Looked level-headed enough to carry an amateur/jr exhibitor, but nice enough to stay with a rider up through the ranks.  This gelding made me wish I was shopping for a show horse.
#36 – Only Forever – This was a nice mare who sold for a song.  If I had had a way to get her somewhere from the auction grounds I would have bid on this mare.
#50 – Dantree Jacquelyn – I did not expect much from this mare based on her picture, but she went through under saddle looking very nice.  Another one who made me wish I was bidding on a show horse.

I tried to take notes on prices for myself, but I did get distracted a few times.  Looks like I have 8(?) horses marked as no sales.

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  1. morgan8866 says:

    can you provide horses and prices that you did get?

  2. RaeOfLight says:

    Nope, sorry. I got tattled on and Mr Cochran himself warned me that I’d be facing a lawsuit if I posted prices (with that in mind, here’s fair warning that I will remove any posts I see if folks do list prices… even if I don’t post them I’m still responsible for the content on this site). They include an Intellectual Property warning on bid prices in the beginning of the auction catalog.

    I will say prices in general seemed to be a bit all over the map. I’m at a point right now where I, personally, am not going to spend much at all (if anything) on any horse. Even with that in mind I didn’t think there were any who sold for an outrageous price (let’s face it though, in this economy that’s just not going to happen). A few of the nicer ones I thought sold for a decent amount, but not so much that they would’ve been out of the realm of possibility for me if I had been bidding. There was one really nice western mare near the beginning who was completely child safe who didn’t even get bids as high as horses later on that I didn’t consider as nice of quality and weren’t even broke. So… I didn’t get that…

  3. royalattraction says:

    i’ve ridden graywoods beloved answer, shes an awesome mare

  4. RaeOfLight says:

    Yeah, the more I think about it the more I think she really seemed like she could be a fun mare. I could probably talk myself into regretting not bidding on her if I think about it too hard.

    I also was told she went through the sale last year too. Not sure what the story is there, if that’s indicative of a problem with the owners/economy or a problem with her… ?

  5. RaeOfLight says:

    Ok, so apparently I’ve offended some folks with my comment above. Let me be clear, the only reason this mare is even being talked about is because I mentioned the fact that I LIKE her. She had quality and behaved like she had a fun personality.

    By mentioning she’d gone through the sale last year I was not fishing for dirt, or speculating on her being a bad egg, I was merely convincing myself that I shouldn’t regret her going to a home that’s not mine. Perhaps that “convincing” should not have been done publicly.

    I’m truly happy for her new owners, whoever they may be, and wish them the best of luck with her. I’d love to have an opportunity to consider her again down the road when I am ready to take on another horse, but for now I have to tell myself that she went to the right home.

    (hoping I’m not just muddying the waters by posting this, but apparently some clarification was necessary)

  6. royal attraction says:

    no offense taken :) im really bummed she went through the sale, and she IS going to end up as just a broodmare. She was a blast to ride, and she would’ve kicked major butt in the ring as a ladies hunter. Wish I had to money to take her

  7. RaeOfLight says:

    Just a broodmare? Ah, maybe that’s where folks considered my comments insulting… That is not at all what I meant. I consider her WORTHY of being a broodmare. Fun personality, put together well and love the blood behind her. Her pedigree is just peppered with Trophy, Deerfield Challenger. I’d love to get a foal out of that mare. If she rides too that’s just a bonus.

  8. erikarose says:

    If you are still talking about Beloved Answer or “Lovey” She was sent through the sale the 1st time as a result of the economy. I know her previous owner very well and know she didn’t want to part with her. Not sure about why she went through this tine. She was always very flashy, but unfortunately was born around the time of the graywood dispersal so she has bounced around a bit.

  9. BMargieRad says:

    Did BMF J Strauss sell? I thought he looked like a kind of cool horse.

  10. RaeOfLight says:

    Yes, BMF J Strauss did go through and sell. He was a nice hunter. If you have a copy of the catalog I would say his picture did him justice.

  11. Horse Show Momma says:

    Did the horse, Snap Happy go through? I thought he was cute in the pic in the catalogue.

  12. deb richter says:

    Snap Happy is here at our barn in WNY and we are pleased with him. He is a happy boy, and will spend some down time this winter, barefoot and hairy! Look for him in the spring here in the east!

  13. Horse Show Momma says:

    Congrats! He looked really cute!

  14. wayzata says:

    In looking at the catalog I was/am so intrigued by Tara’s American Beauty. I think she looks so fun–and there is a video posted on her on Tara Farm’s site that is beautiful! I hope she makes it to the show ring next season!

  15. leslie says:

    It seemed to me like a lot of people got good deals on really nice horses. I was expecting low prices, but I was still surprised just how low they were on some young, proven, national-caliber horses. At the same time, the horses I thought were kinda “meh” went for okay prices. I hate to see over-inflated prices on show horses and I hate to see meat prices on the backyardy horses, so it seems like good news that prices were moderate all around.

    Had I won the lottery prior to this sale, I had three horses in mind from the catalog that I would have liked to buy. Two were scratches. The third was that skinny, scared-looking, 20-year-old broodmare who didn’t get a single bid. I hope the owners will decide to give her the retirement that she has clearly earned instead of sending her off to a shadier auction.

  16. snerland says:

    It was quite an auction for me. 25 years ago I sold my two year old mare R’surene Fiona in the East Coast Invitational Sale. My husband promised me then that I could purchase a daughter of hers. A promise given, the promise made. Tears were flowing down my cheeks as the gavel fell in our direction for HVK Stillness. As I went back to the barns, I noticed a young lady crying. She told me that her husband told her not to bring the mare back and she didn’t know quite what to do. The 20 year old mare was placed in the trailer next to Stillness and now has a beautiful home in Knoxville, TN. You may check on how she is doing by visiting our web-site

  17. blondie says:

    beautiful story… beautiful home

  18. evamorgan says:

    That is so wonderful you gave the old mare a home and peace of mind to her former owner.
    Yeah for you!

  19. Chris Nerland says:

    We both are very happy to give a home to “Gracie” (Nemours Royal Starlet). Sue has her horse now and I have the big girl. She has a lovely head from Lord Appleton and I think we can get some wonderful foals when she is crossed with Winston. I am feeding her up now and found that she was timid, so that is maybe why she lost condition prior to sale. I am sure the former owner gave her best care, but a big-framed mare like her takes a lot of food and if she gets shoved out, she can go downhill quickly. I would have bid on her in the sale itself, but only had a few dollars left for cash. I think maybe people devalue the older Morgans too much. Gracie is only 20-she should have at least a couple more foals in her.

  20. leslie says:

    I’m glad to hear Gracie found an appreciative home.

    Her situation had me thinking about professional horse breeders in general. In my mind, if you’re not going to give your broodmare an alternate career (train her so she’ll make a good trail horse or lesson horse in her older years) then you should be prepared to have a retirement home available for her. But there are clearly a lot of broodmares out there who aren’t broke to do anything, so what happens to them? Do most breeders actually retire their mares and take care of them until the end? Do they attempt to train them in later years? Or is it generally a one-way ticket to New Holland?

    It seems to me that if you’re going to put yourself in the profession of creating new lives, you should hold yourself at least somewhat responsible for what happens to those lives.

  21. justhavehope says:

    Just wanted to give my experience with a non-trained broodmare. I spent
    my teenage years working at a morgan barn in davidsonville, md under
    great mentors and friends as well as an owner who gave me many
    oppurtunities that my parents were financially unable to give. After putting
    my horse hobbie on hold to raise my family and establish my career, I discovered that my daughters shared my same compassion for horses.
    I was in luck to have a morgan farm w/ in 20 minutes of our home, since
    I live in Southern MD. After my daughter took lessons for about 2 years I
    started to get the itch to jump back on. Of course her instructors also played a big part of that. I really wanted to start something young so that I could reap the reward of their success myself. Unfortunately w/ 4 children
    I was on a budget. My daughter’s instructor was well known in the morgan
    community and was often contacted to take horses into her program or
    find a home for them. We recieved a 16 year old broodmare who had never been formally trained at our farm. She had great old lines, the ones
    I grew up with (Beamington and Trophys Jade) so I was hooked. She was
    extremely timid and with every movement her eyes would get as big as
    saucers. Other people at the barn were worried that my daughters would
    get hurt and that I was crazy. I just took it a day at a time. I got her in
    August so breeding season was out of the question so out of boredom and
    determination I decided to muscle her up and get her ready to carry a foal
    again. By that next spring I still was not ready to breed her and continued
    to work her. Biting her and riding her. There were many bad days that
    required a lot of patience. She wanted to please me she just would get
    frustrated or scared. So after a year and a half of work she was a
    wonderful mare that my daughters could play with but I was not ready for
    them to ride her yet. I bred her the next spring, she took like a true
    broodmare. I continued to work her and we all decided that I would
    take her to her first show. She went around that ring like she had done
    it all her life I was so proud of her. We brought home one blue ribbon.
    That winter she lost her foal and ended up w/ uterus full of pus. I was told
    I could breed her again but with her age I wasn’t willing to take the chance
    With that decision, she had to have a new job. So she ended up being
    my daughters w/t saddleseat horse for the last 3 years. She is a true classic horse but unable to compete w/ the caliber out there today. As
    she turns 22 this spring and my daughter moves up to 13 and under it breaks my heart to think of retiring her. My daughter has develop quite the
    bond w/ her and as we all know the learn to read each other instinctivly.
    So maybe she will go hunter next year and we will hit the lottery so I can
    get her the pleasure horse to fulfill her love for saddleseat.
    So if you made it this far in my story all I really want people to know is
    that broodmares may not be perfect looking or acting when they are young
    but w/ time, patience and a lot of love they can too can multitask.

  22. Glenmontstables says:

    Just for the record Graywoods Beloved Answer has only had 2 owners she was not bounced around a lot shwe was owned by Kenton and Katrina Wood of Graywood she was sold as a three year old at the sale because her owner had to many horses. I bought her there as I had her Full brother whom I loved. So it was an emotional purchase for me. They reason I put her thru the sale this year as I have to many of my own. In that being I couldn’t justify keeping her for just me to show and ride when I have other horses that I use for lesson’s and such so that is why I had to put her thru as I rent not own so there you go. The whole reason that I didn’t ride her thru is that she is a sensitive mare been shown once and was scared and needs more miles so I felt why put her thru the stress of that scary situation. And if you have never riden a horse thru there you would not understand and as you have seen from other peoples posting who have riden her and loved to ride her. Never assume what you don’t know and yes I was offended because it broke my heart to have to sell her…..
    Jeffrey Kidd
    Glenmont LLCD

  23. happysue says:

    JHH, for whom did you work for in MD and when?

  24. justhavehope says:

    I rode at Baywind Farm owned by the Pastrana’s. My trainer was Susan
    Smith, although that is not her married name now. Rode their in the

  25. happysue says:

    My married name is Jansson and I’m in Illinois! Okay I give, you’re one of four that I experimented on in the 80′s, should I call Jen and find out?

  26. justhavehope says:

    I believe Jen and I were the first two. I would be Trish Crandell-Couto
    If interested my email is It would be nice to talk.

  27. happysue says:

    that was my guess, I just didn’t want the others to know you were my favorite, I was just thinking about Legacy the other day, remember warming up at Mid-A by the road and all sorts of emergency vehicles roaring by with sirens and then into the show ring and a helicopter hovering close by and Legacy was calm as a cucumber! My email is I’d love to catch up, we’re in the middle of a house move (my mom’s taking my house, she bought one behind me lot’s of furninture moving going on today! in touch soon

  28. happysue says:

    check out my website

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