Dancing Morgans at Alltech FEI WEGames 2010

Carole L. Mercer and her Dancing Morgans , the Most Versatile Morgan Mares in the World, have been selected by the Alltech FEI WEG committee to perform at the Equine Village in 2010. Carole and her beautiful Morgan Mares will be at the Games from October 7-10th 2010.

Carole needs some help. She and the horses need places to stay overnight along “Hiway 80″ going to Kentucky. She also needs places to stay on the way back.

Carole will be delighted to entertain their overnight host and friends in exchange for the overnight stay.

The TRUCK and TRAILER are the size of a semi truck. The total length is 48 feet long. Carole needs that 40 acres to turn that rig around. She needs easy road IN and OUT . The horses need a safe paddock for a couple of hours turn out and then a couple of stalls for overnight. Carole will provide her own hay.

Now that the horses are cared for….Carole needs a place to plug in the living quarters horse trailer overnight. If you know of anyone who can help her out, please let Carole know.

Carole is also selling miles to reach Kentucky. She is sell miles for $5.00 per mile to achieve her goal. It is about 2500 miles one way from Eagle Point , Oregon to Lexington , Kentucky. You can send her the money and she will send you a receipt . Let her know what mile you want to purchase.

The Dancing Morgans
C/O Carole Mercer
2890 Alta Vista Road
Eagle Point, Oregon
email is

Carole has no cell phone. Remember, she lives out on a ranch in Eagle Point , Oregon and lives in a “dead zone”. Her computer is “dial up” so keep the messages small.

Having the two of the  most versatile Morgan Mares in the World, represented at the Alltech FEI WEGames is a huge honor. The Morgan Horse is the ORGINAL Amercian  Horse. Carole L. Mercer and her Dancing Morgans were selected by the WEG committee out of many applications .

This all girl team is honored and proud to represent the versatility of the Morgan Breed. Carole is more than honored to have your help in any way.

Carole L. Mercer and the Dancing Morgans are independant from the American Morgan Horse Association. They are NOT part of the Morgan Idol Program and are not in any way affilated with the AMHA.

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