Hey all, based on a thread from a few weeks ago I’m considering adding a Resources section to this site that would include things like a library of Equitation patterns.  I’m just curious what else folks might like to see there.  These could include any Morgan specific or general Show related resources.  I’d love to hear suggestions.


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  1. jns767 says:

    I know that I’m having trouble finding a Boarding barn here in the Lansing, Michigan area. Maybe it would be cool to have a farm/boarding facility rating area (kind of like how you can rate hotels on certain websites). Of course I understand it’s not fair to leave negative reviews, but if someone has suggestions or great experiences at barns, it would be helpful (atleast to me) to hear their stories. Maybe there can be a section for tack stores and other equine related services too.

    It may be sort of hard, but categorize it regionally or by state and then members can just kind of add services/barns/stores/etc based on their good experiences. Confusing much?

  2. Jrchloe says:

    Could you add my equitation website?

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