Hylee Farm Sale

Did anyone go to the Hylee Farm Production & Consignment sale?  I’d love to hear how it went.


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  1. gryphonshow says:

    I was there…lots of fun…great horses…prices were ok..well broke horses brought good money for an auction situation…quite a few Amish as well. I have about 100 plus photos(I’m not a pro) uploaded onto my facebook page…I’m under Jenee Nelson Wisconsin if you want to take a look just friend me.

  2. RaeOfLight says:

    Thanks for commenting Jenee. Did you happen to take notes on prices? I have a few horses in particular that I thought looked interesting and am wondering what they went for. I’m also interested in high/low/average.


  3. gryphonshow says:

    Yes..I have all the prices noted..haven’t had a chance to do high/low/average. Minimum bid on any of the horses was $750.00 so that was a really nice thing so no one had to worry about a horse going to Mexico and/or Canada…I really applaud them on that policy

  4. flyway says:

    Does anyone know where I can find the results of the sale? I don’t see anything posted yet. It would be a comfort to learn that things have improved. Cochran sale is this coming weekend too. Yes, nice to see that $750 minimum!

  5. gryphonshow says:

    Here is a quick list–was trying to take photos as we were writing prices down so hope these are accurate but no guarantee.

    1 2600
    2 3500
    3 no sale
    4 1700
    5 out
    6 no sale
    7 1500
    8 no sale
    9 3100
    10 2200
    11 1500
    12 no sale
    13 5500
    14 1700
    15 2900
    16 800
    17 1400
    18 no sale
    19 1600
    20 5000
    21 3100
    22 no sale
    23 no sale
    24 2500
    25 no sale
    26 5600
    27 750
    28 no sale
    29 1700
    30 1800
    31 out
    32 no sale
    33 2300
    34 1700
    35 2200
    36 3000
    37 800
    38 10000
    39 1000
    40 1600
    41 3800
    Sorry at work no time to put horses names on list..the booklet is still on Hylee’s website. I think the prices were decent compared to the rest of the horse market and there were good bids on the horses that were no-saled as well.

  6. mdmossburg says:

    Thanks for the results.

  7. hylee1 says:

    If you go to the HyLee Farm.com web site the horses and their prices are located at the 2009 Auction link. The average was for 39 head $2500.00 and high selling horse was HyLee’s Dancing Queen $10,000.00 A third sale is planned for 2010

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