Grand National

Well, all the results are posted but I have not heard a single peep about how things went at Grand National. I have actually never been and this was not my year to make it. I would love to hear from the folks who were there. What was your favorite class? What horses stood out to you (no matter how they placed)? How did the old favorites do? Who looks like they’re up and coming stars?

What about outside the ring? Did anyone do any shopping? Meet new friends? Details people! :)


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  1. wayzata says:

    The classes were awesome! The Western Open and Am WC and RWC were well deserved–so gorgeous!
    I really wanted to see Dragonsmeade Icon and Warlock, Graycliff Tony, Treble’s First Take, and JW That Special Flaire and I got to see all of them and they were great! The only horse that I missed seeing (silly flight delays!) was Floored and Boogie Nights who wasn’t there (why?). Totally worth making the trip for the championship weekend!
    Is it too early to start planning for next year?!?!

  2. Carley says:

    this was my first year out there and i absolutely loved it. my favorite classes were the WC open english pleasure, WC western pleasure (open and am) and the WC two year old park harness. i was alittle disappointed with some of the horses that i wanted to see. but i guess pictures can be decieving lol. cannot wait to go again next year with my own horses!

  3. bella92290 says:

    Hey all,
    I was there! I LOVED every class I watched, I was of course a bit partial to the 4 our horse was in (He did awesome =)))), as did my daughter and our trainer. Boogie Nights was not there as his owner is expecting a baby, this is what I hear anyway, it is not from the horses mouth. So many beautiful horses, made a few new friends, saw some oldies, had a celebration at our stables for our Morgan friend Jo Ann Currie who passed away the weekend before leaving for OKC (if you know, or think you might know her find the info at, went to the Memorial Museum (so touching) and the memorial at night, CLUB RODEO, lots of good places to eat favorites being Toby Keiths and The Ranch (the one at Lake Hefner) oh and a trip to the really really nice mall they have. Loved hanging with all my barn friends, as our passion is for the same thing. And loved watching everyone from our barn go….what a team. Some of my favorites to watch, Merriehill Black Betty, Icon, Flaire, Tanqueray, and lots and lots of cool hunters, too many to mention. And I also enjoyed cheering on my friend Kathy and her hunter, this was her first year with him, nice job girlfriend! I am looking forward to next year, and I can see if the time comes that I do not have a Morgan horse I will still go to OKC and cheer everyone on.

  4. Jenny Van Oel says:

    One of my favorite moments was when Tim Roesink gave CBMF Avenger a little hug and a pat after winning the World Champion Junior Gelding halter class. I love JW That Special Flaire but it was refreshing to see SYP High Definition finally win the World Park Harness Championship after a tough round of halter classes earlier in the week. The cheers from the crowd in the lineup were amazing.

  5. ak4793 says:

    I don’t even know where to start! This year was SO FUN!!! I loved watching all the big name horses go head to head in those world championship classes on Saturday night, and reliving it through the awesome pictures! My trainer got a new Corgi puppy, which my friend and I had the privilege of babysitting during the night classes :-) The two highlights of my week would have to be making the final cut for the WC senior huntseat eq on the flat, and getting third in the WC huntseat pleasure 14-15! I also loved seeing the look on my best friend’s face when she won the WC jr. ex. classic pleasure driving! She was ecstatic!

  6. MaewynMorgans says:

    It doesn’t matter what part of the country you are from, we should all be proud of our magnificent animals. The horses, the atmosphere, and the people. This was my first trip to OKC. It was the experience that every Morgan enthusiast should witness.

    In a funny way I was lucky that my horse wasn’t showing. I got to sit in the stands from Tuesday afternoon through Saturday evening. As I told my trainers and my friends back at the barn; “I can talk to you anytime, but, today, I want to see the best of the best”.

    Having said that, it was a wonderful opportunity to look at these animals and make, modify, or confirm my opinions. Who wins, who doesn’t win, and why? What are the judges looking for, what don’t they like, and, maybe, answer the question; ‘why?’. And, most importantly, what do I like and why (and that is a capital “I”). It was reassuring sitting amongst a few hundred other amature owners; those of us who know a hell of a lot more than people give us credit for and try to figure out ‘why’.

    Overall, the judging seemed right on. Of course there were times when the placings seemed completely political but, unfortunately, I guess that goes with the industry. But, if one thinks of their regional shows and takes all of those top horses and throw them all into the ring at the same time – that’s what we saw.

    And we saw and met trainers and owners who are absolutely kind and friendly and knowlegable. Sitting ring-side has its benefits – we genuinely are a nice bunch of people. those who care about who we are. There is a common-good aspect to all of this, something that we all should appreciate. We love our horses, we love those who own and train them, and we appreciate the spirit that brings us together.

    My top three thoughts? And these are my own. Everyone else has their own.

    The first one is personal; when Brenda Varney leaned over and gave her (and my) trainer, Mike Murphy, a kiss after she won the reserve title onboard Aspenglow Genesis (I cried). It was an example of the affection/love that we have for the people that we entrust our animals to.

    Next, I enjoyed the amature classes far better than the open classes – and, I guess, that’s the way it should be. We’re the ones that pay the bills and I give the trainers credit for putting us on top of the horses (and pushing us to our potential). Sitting ringside we can tell those riders who have worked towards their accomplishments and we applaud them.

    The third may get me into a bit of trouble. The crowd’s reaction with applause in the line-up for the WC Park Harness class was the way it should be. We need to let others know, we need to voice our opinion — this is what we like – and we, the crowd, know more than others give us credit for. Enough is enough. High Definition deserved the title.

    OK, that’s my two cents worth.

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