Anyone have a Morgan in need of a good home?

I young girl in my 4H club is looking to get a horse. Her parents don’t have a lot of money so she has made a deal with our barn to clean stalls in exchange for partial board. We are trying to find her a suitable horse either for free or for very cheap. So if you know of anyone who can no longer keep their Morgan and is trying to find a good home for it please let me know. There are a couple of horses in our area in need of a good home that would be suitable for her however she has been riding my Morgan and has fallen in love with the breed so I promised her I would at least try and find her a Morgan. She is a very responsible girl who completely loves horses and if  she could no longer keep the horse due to financial reasons we would take the horse to use in our lesson and summer camp program so the horse would defiantly stay with a good home. She is not in need of anything fancy just something she could ride huntseat and/or western and take to 4H level shows. An older horse in its late teens or early twenties would be fine.


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  1. RaeOfLight says:

    What’s the story with shipping/location on this? What’s your search radius?

  2. getmorganizedkc says:

    We are in the Central New York Area, near Syracuse …so NY, and maybe Northern PA, VT, MA, CT, north east OH. Depends on what the shipping costs would be.

  3. morgan8866 says:

    there’s a lady here in NH with a very nice morgan mare she’s looking to get a home for…she is registered and was shown. I don’t know how easy going the mare is; I will ask. were talking about $650 or 700. the mare is nicely bred and is 18 years old.

  4. Mocha Mom says:

    A Morgan yearling filly donated by Ledyard Farms will be raffled at the NY Morgan Regional at the State Fairgrounds next week, Sept 16-19. Tickets are $10 each or 3 for $25. Tickets will be available for purchase during the show, with the drawing to be held during the Friday evening session.

  5. Morgan_Rescue says:

    Please permit a shameless plug here for ForeverMorgans: Both registered & grade Morgans go through this group to foster or new homes, & you might be surprised at what turns up at auctions/ brokers. Thanks !!

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