Morgan Weanling Gala

Does anyone have any information about the class.  How many, how it went, who won, etc.  I haven’t found anything about it this morning and was curious.

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  1. RaeOfLight says:

    There were 25 foals. A Merriehill horse won, Merriehill Isa Diva. I don’t know who was second. Kurt Hufferd had a MEM The Patriot baby who was third. I know the results are posted around here somewhere. I will try to track them down at some point and post more details.

  2. RaeOfLight says:

    I just got the results posted through this afternoon. The Gala results are in there, class # 096. I was honestly too exhausted to give any sort of coherent evaluation. But I’d love to hear other folks thoughts on the class.

    The one thing I will say… I watched the sweepstakes last time it was at Jubilee, and maybe it was the fact that you aren’t as close to the action now that they’re holding it in the coliseum, or maybe it was just that I was so tired, but I wasn’t as wowed this year as last time. Was it just me?

  3. IED says:

    Merriehill Isa Diva (Beethoven x Merriehill Isabeau) won the class with Whitney and Mark Bodnar leading. Reserve went to U-Nanimous (Bellerophon x Honeytree’s Simply Unique) with Tim Roesink leading for Lynn & Kathy Peeples. 3rd was Springmill West Point (MEM The Patriot x CN Sophisticated Lady) with Kurt Hufferd & Shanna Gish leading. 4th was Playmor’s Made of Honor (Mizrahi x Minion Masquerade) with Jennifer Hazen leading, 5th Grand Cru Merry Edwards (Stonecroft TrilogyXSizzle) Cheri Barber leading, 6th was JW Standing Tall (Hollybrook Stage Rage x JW First Impression) with Ernesto Chavolla, 7th was JDS Sweet Spice (Minion Millenium x JDS Promises Promises) Alex (Triumph’s asst trainer) and Belle Hufferd leading for John Hufferd, 8th was The Power of One (Minion Millenium X Arboria Fortune) with Alex again for John Hufferd, 9th to RWJ Astrological (Astronomicallee x LCS Simply Sensational) with Phil Fountain and Kristen Tramposh, 10th to LBJ Toy Town (Man In Motion x Candle Dreams) with Tim Roesink leading.

  4. StacyGRS says:

    I think the atmosphere is a little more exciting when they do it in the warm up ring…it is smaller and the new shavings make it feel festive. However, I thought this was an exceptionally nice group of weanlings…all 25 were nice, all top 10 were very nice, and on any given year any of the top 5 could have been the winners.

  5. markmhf says:

    I have to respectfully disagree with the class not being as exciting, and I would say that even if an MHF horse hadnt won :) ) From an exhibitors standpoint it is much nicer to show it in the main ring, you have more space to actually run your baby and it not have the baby feel like it is totally surrounded, I thought this allowed for judging on more than just modeling. Also that warmup ring gets HOT, and unless you get a good seat early you reallly cant see. Also I believe (and yes I am prejudiced) that the Coliseum in Springfield is one of the best venues to show a horse anywhere, and to think of holding a premier class in a warmup ring takes away. It also costs a lot more to set up in the warmup rignt and all of that savings went into the prize money. I personally feel that the class flowed well (we had three in it) and everyone got to get a nice look at all of the babies involved and I felt the breeders and stallion owners received a new level of recognition in this new program. I think the Gala committee did a great job and I cant wait to see how they do it at new england next year.


  6. StacyGRS says:

    well, at least you respectfully disagreed:)
    from a spectator’s point of view, the distance from the stands is a bit far to try to judge the babies…we found that if a handler was at all between us and the baby they completly covered up the baby.
    I would agree that it allowed for more trotting, certainly.
    It only gets hot if you’re running. Those of watching with a glass of wine in hand don’t have a temperature issue:):)
    COngratulations. Regardless of the arena (I’m fairly ‘here nor there’ about it…I enjoy the class either way), I stick to my statement that it was an exceptional group and you topped it on my ‘card’ as well.

  7. colwilrin says:

    Unfortunately, I didn’t get to Jubilee this year, but did “follow” the show through the proofs. In a time where the economy has faltered, and breeders have chosen to breed less, it was wonderful to see that quality has not been sacrificed. In fact, the group this year appeared to be stronger and deeper than weanling sweeps in the recent past. Any one of the top group of horses could have won it and all the breeders should be proud of the youngsters they presented.

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