Treble’s Tanqueray Heads West

Treble’s Tanqueray Heads West

We made our first trip to the Jubilee Regional Morgan Horse Show in Springfield, IL, six years ago with Tanqueray‘s first foal. Next week, Tanqueray will set his feet in the ring at Jubilee for the first time. We are excited to spend time at this history-filled show that has so many beautiful and talented Morgans. It has been a great summer for Partridge Hill Stable, as we have enjoyed hearing about his beautiful foals that have been born across the U. S., and watching his junior offspring bring home several Championships under saddle. Tanqueray loves visitors. We do, too. Please stop by if you’re at the show. Carol, Ashley, Hayden…and our good friend Laurie will make the trip, too.

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  1. IED says:

    How wonderful! Jubilee is a great show and I’m sure Tanqueray will enjoy it immensely. :) Can’t wait to see him in the ring!

  2. colwilrin says:

    Ok…was I the only one who sucked in a breath when I read the headline for this???

    I was thinking…what are they CRAZY?…they sold him??? Did they have to pry the leadline out of Judy’s hands??

    Glad to hear he is just taking a road trip. Have fun at the show, it is one of my favorites!

  3. Jennifer says:

    I too thought they were making a different announcement. Now I wish I was going to Jubilee this year instead of next.

  4. jns767 says:

    Tanqueray is so gorgeous – I have always admired him from afar (I’ve never seen him im person) :(

  5. morgan8866 says:

    Tanqueray hasn’t been with Judy all year.

  6. colwilrin says:

    Sorry, if I offended anyone. I assumed he was still under the Belleweather banner because he is still listed on their stallion page on the website.

  7. phsmorgans says:

    Indeed there are no hurt feelings anywhere~thank you for caring enough to acknowledge. Ray has been spending more time “at home” in VT for the past several years. He was at Bellewether fewer than three months last year, a reflection of Judy’s expert care and training given the results, Championships and recognition he received. This year we are enjoying showing him from home. This is turn has given Judy an opportunity to bring out new members of her show string, and they have had a great summer.

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