NY Amateur horse show

I was just wondering if anyone knows why the Morgan Horse and the Morgan Connection dont cover this all Morgan show??  I had a horse there and was all excited to read about it since I wasnt there and they dont cover it?!

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  1. Scottfield03 says:

    Hi Areny!
    I am Alicia Fraser, and I generally cover that show, alone with Western NY, Syracuse International and New York Morgan Regional for the Morgan Horse Magazine. I also cover the Equitation and Hunter Pleasure divisions for them at New England Regional and OKC. I did do a write-up for both Amateur and International, but because I don’t really push the ads (sorry- a natural salesman there I am Not), we didn’t have enough ads to warrant the write-ups. I did not even submit the Amateur write-up. International still might surface, but I don’t know. TMH is great, and they try really hard to publish everything I send them. All it would take is 1 ad. One! My barn did a huge 6 page spread for Western NY and they published every word of my very detailed story. It isn’t for lack of attention on the magazine’s part. I am sorry you were disappointed.

  2. areny says:

    Thanks Alicia!! Its really to bad :(

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