I’ve been so busy lately, my Morgan mags have been piling up, neglected and unread.  But I finally had some free time this evening to flip through a few of them.  I don’t often think to hard about the ads, just to check out the horses and their breeding if it’s listed.  But today I got to thinking about these pictures in the digital age.  I know many photographers draw a line somewhere for what they’re willing to change in a photo, but where is that line?  There are a number tweaks that would not be difficult to accomplish that run the gamut from turning an ear, to turning a leg (in a head on shot if the horse does not travel true), to airbrushing out hoof bands.  I’m just curious what things are considered “acceptable”?  Does this vary much from person to person, or are there some things that go across the board?


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  1. lucky says:

    I’m sure they can do just about anything. At a recent show, the photographers said a client asked if she could make her 50 pounds lighter and 20 years younger. The photographer said “Sure” and said the woman loved the retouched photo.

    Had to laugh!

  2. colwilrin says:

    Personally, other than cropping a picture, I won’t change anything. I’d rather just wait until a better shot comes along.

  3. StacyGRS says:

    I have no issue with putting an ear up, adding a ribbon (as long as you really won that ribbon:), changing a person’s face, opening an eye, but once you get into altering the horse’s build, that’s where the line is, IMO. Altering how a horse travels is not OK, I don’t think. Like you, people look at these magazines and take note of breeding, etc. If the majority of babies by “X” stud are very crooked legged, I want to know about it before I breed to him. IMO, you have to advertise truth. Once you straighten a leg, you might as well raise the knee up a little, add some neck, maybe shorten the ears or pretty up the head…etc. this is no longer that horse;) That said, if the lady wants to be 20 lbs thinner in her pic, I have no issue…it’s not her genes I’m interested in:)

  4. 10jloftus says:

    i agree. i think its okay to put ears forward or something like that. if you won a class but bought a picture that was taken during the class and not the victory pass i think its okay to add the ribbon too. but for so much of us that don’t get to see these horses in person and rely on the magazines i think its important to keep the pictures “honest”

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