New England here we come….

I for one, am looking forward to New England…..anyone else?  What is your favorite part of the show?  For me it is the friends, the ring, the quality of horses, the fun and Woodys Lemonade! And watching my daughter and our boy show in huge classes……=)

2 Responses to New England here we come….

  1. Beth says:

    OMG I am soo excited. 5 more days!!! Just the size is so great. Plus all the great competition. I love the history, the old grounds (although not without issues…)

  2. awharness says:

    Wow I am glad my Lemonade has made it on here! Guess I will go down in Morgondom for my drinks and not my good looks! Checking in after day one, watching horses work yesterday ringside 6am from the lemonade stand I would say numbers are down, but quality is UP UP UP! I will be back in the lemonade stand for the evening session, my mother is working for me right now as I am sitting at work… BLAH! see you all on the rail!

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