Show Harness for Sale

Black Patent leather with red trim harness suitable size for Morgans/Arabs. Patent leather bridle, saddle, breast plate, girth, rolled round russet reins, brass trim and ready to use. It is very soft and supple and in excellent condition. $375.00 Contact

Pleasure Harness for sale

Pleasure Harness for sale

4 Responses to Show Harness for Sale

  1. Karenm1972 says:

    I tried to email you about your harness, it bounced back. :(

  2. x-tra style says:

    Hi Peter,

    Is this harness still available??

  3. winston says:

    Hi Karen, the harness is still here and I just e-mailed you privately. Gael

  4. Karenm1972 says:

    I’m so excited! After seeing pics and the harness bag plus the fact that it was purchased from the lady it was sold to, my Aunt Yvonne Casey’s harness is coming home!!!

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