overweight bias?

Does this exist in judging? ¬†Does a rider/driver’s weight affect how a judge places a class?

Assuming all the performances are equal, where would a judge usually place the fluffy rider?

I think there’s a good chance this bias does exist, although there’s no way to know for sure.

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  1. j.a.b. says:

    In general, as a fluffy rider myself, I would say no it doesn’t exist. But then again, appearance does count. So, just because you’re fluffy doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have well fit clothes, and be able to ride your horse regardless of your size.

    Now, that being said there are of course no absolutes. I know of one judge, who at the time was quite large themselves, who told the mother of a western walk jog rider who was fairly overweight that although this rider was quite talented the rider would not be placed due to the weight. This was 20 plus years ago but that person is still a judge and that rider is now a succesful trainer.

    Everyone has personal preferences and bias, the trick is to keep them in check and try to be objective. Whether it’s not liking palominos, preferring a horse over 15.2, or not liking colored hunt shirts in equitation it should come down to if it doesn’t break the rules or impair the horse/rider’s performance then look past it. I think for the most part our judges are able to do that.

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