O Ring Twisted Snaffel

I bought my thoroughbred horse from a lady that use to play polocrosse with him and  i broke my ankle playing polocrosse and now I am retraining him for English pleasure and western pleasure and i am using a O Ring Twisted snaffel bit which is helping him calm down alot . He use to be a very “HOT” horse and would love to run but now that i am using this bit on him i was wondering if they would allow me to ride with it in a open hunter pleasure class? This is my horses first show even though i have been showing for years with my I horses but I have never shown in a hunter class. Will I be able to use this bit with my horse for this hunter class? Thanks so very much.


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  1. Jennifer says:

    A loose ring twisted wire snaffle should be fine. Check to see if the show you are attending has specific rules they are following, ie. 4H, USEF.
    The bit is not helping him calm down, most likely it is the change in diet and turnout that is helping him calm down.

  2. twototango says:

    Ok thank you so much for the help.

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