Futurity Horse Farms

Hi Everybody!

I have heard that the “Futurity Farm” in california is up and running again. Is this the same Futurity Farm that dispersed all of it’s Morgans back in the 90′s?  Sorry for being a lamebrain I was  just curious considering I have a Futurity bred mare. Plus I may be heading up that way and if this is the same Farm would love to stop by. Of course with notice. LOL  Anywhoo! Thanks everyone!


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  1. Windenhill says:

    Merna Malouf (formerly McWhorter) is still Futuritiy Farms and is still at the same location in Auburn, CA and has been. It was never “dispersed”. Merna continues to show and enjoy her Morgans, albeit on a smaller scale than when she and her former husband, Pete, first purchased the remaining horses from Dr. Bond’s estate.

  2. empressive says:

    OH! OK!

    Thanks Windenhill. I know that probably sounds rather childish, but I only recently got into Morgans and am still learning. Thanks!

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