Any Thoughts on Gold Cup?

I wasn’t able to go to the Gold Cup this year and just wondered what the attendee’s impressions were of it? Any thoughts out there?

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  1. alyssaboohbear says:

    the show was overall good. always a fun show. pretty bad weather though this year, but it wasn’t bad all week.

    very very political judge. so placings were not very fair.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Hi Beth,
    I didn’t attend this year either, wish I had.

    The show I went to this weekend our stalls flooded from the rain, warm up was in a gravel parking lot, and the exhibitors didn’t have any ring manners. So it can always be worse.

    I don’t worry about the judging because I’m there to have fun with my horse and friends.

  3. Carley says:

    i will second all of the comments about medallion. those fresians scared my poor boy to death. i think i may have cut you off in one of the hunter classes? (sorry if i did) my boy was all over the place trying to avoid the big black monsters flying around the ring.

  4. Jennifer says:

    I rode in six classes and got cut off in four of them. On Sunday, if you circled back at the walk just before the canter transition the first way of the ring and then heard “nice” that was me. You should have seen the look on the announcers face. On Saturday the first two I spoke to the offender and was called overly sensitive. The third time happened in a western class. I had one more on Sunday.

    After this weekend I’d rather deal with the politics, pay the extra money and go to rated shows.

    I was taught to ride like Judy Whitney and Helen Crabtree so I guess I have to get more aggressive.

  5. scandiamhf says:

    The Gold Cup Organizers need to put back the pedigree’s (sire and dam)
    in the program for the spectators. Watching in hand classes, or any classes,
    without the pedigrees makes going to a breed show no different than an
    open show. I want to know what I am looking at, the breeding is important
    to anyone thinking about improving their stock or knowing what bloodlines makes up a horse they like.

    But all in all, a fun show, that I had not been back to since 1978 when
    it was at the Ohio State Fairgrounds and there were 800 plus horses. Now
    there are about 200.

  6. scandiamhf says:

    I forgot, I competed at Gold Cup in 80′. But in the scheme of things,
    guess that is pretty close to 78.

  7. colwilrin says:

    Ah yes, the wonderful early 80′s…Reagan was in office, gas was just over 1.00/gal, everyone had a ton of disposable income, there were basically only 2 riding divisions (park and pleasure..hunt and western weren’t all that popular yet) and classes were often 20-30 head! There was no internet, Wii or Nintendo DS, cable TV was just starting and mostly news stations, and there were many times you were “away from the phone” because it was attached to your wall…if kids wanted to have an adrenalin rush they got a horse, rode a fast bike down a big hill, or swung from a rope at the swimming hole.

    We all sure learned how to shoot a hole back in those 30 horse Jr. Exhib classes, didn’t we? Boy do I miss those days…especially when the cell phone rings.

  8. Jennifer says:

    “We all sure learned how to shoot a hole back in those 30 horse Jr. Exhib classes, didn’t we?”

    Yes, we did and we were glad for any ribbon that we got!

  9. Carley says:

    yea… that was me that circled back. i really do apologize about that one. there would have been a giant canter explosion had he not been contained in the corner. that was by far his worst class ever, and so not like him to spook at other horses. but… in his defense, after having a fresian come crashing into you i would have been alittle upset too.

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