Far West Regional Morgan Show

 Carole Mercer and her Dancing Morgans had a wonderful time at the Far West Regional Morgan Show. The show managers were so very helpful with the Morgan Idol program.

If you want to see some incredible pictures of the performance , please go to


Click onto the Far West banner and then scroll down to the Morgan Idol

section and Carole’s proofs will come up.

Again many thanks to everyone who has helped Carole get to the first round of the Morgan Idol program with her wonderful Dancing Morgans.  We  hope to see you in Oklahoma this October.

Cheers, Carole L. Mercer/Dancing Morgans

2 Responses to Far West Regional Morgan Show

  1. bluedesiign says:

    Great Pictures! That is so neat! :)

  2. learning says:

    I was there at FarWest. I really enjoyed your demonstration.

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