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Hey everyone,

I had the opportunity to go by a consignment store and I bought a saddleseat tux. It is navy blue with burgandy lapels and stripes on the pants. I this OK for the saddleseat classes? Or should I just have a black tux? Sticking out is fun when there are “Ohhhs and Ahhhs”. Not outbursts of laughter.


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  1. GraceMorgn says:

    Honestly, that probably isn’t an acceptable suit for Morgan shows. It sounds like either an older suit or one made for Arabs or TWH, where outfits tend to be louder.

    A tux should be the epitome of elegance and formality. While there are no color rules for any division other than equitation, traditionally, a tux is either black, dark navy or dark brown with matching labels. A cumberbund or vest and bow tie would be worn.

    Fashion trends have pushed the envelope and you now see some wild shirt, tie, vest combos as well as colored coats, but those trends come and go like anything else. Different colored labels and stripes are not really seen and would probably be out of place unless it is a very subtle difference.

    If you are looking for a tux that will always be appropriate, go with a standard color with matching labels.

    Hope I didn’t burst your bubble.


  2. empressive says:

    awww. Thanks Ashley. Thanks, well guess I am on the search again! Wish me luck!

  3. Beth says:

    Although I agree completely with Grace above, If the tux is well made and a dark (important) navy, It might be worth taking it to a very good tailor. Lapels and stripes might be replaced if the suit was worth the money. You might be suprised with what could be done, and it might be worth it. Just a thought.


  4. TrotOn says:

    Are you sure this was on purpose? I took a riding hiatus for about 10 years and when I took my navy tuxedo out of storage, the satin on it was bright purple! Its like what happens to a blue ribbon when it ages. It looks awful, and unfortunately it still fits me well.

    If its a well made tuxedo, I agree with Beth… it might be worth getting the satin replaced. I’m still debating on mine.

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