New Feature

Hey folks, just wanted to let everyone know about a feature I’ve just added to Above Level.  Anywhere on the site you now should be able to click on a users name and a window will pop up showing information about that user.  I’ve had to do quite a bit of hacking to get this to work just how I’d like it, so if you notice any problems please email me

A few notes about this feature, this will basically be a way to introduce yourself to the rest of the users on the site.  So please update your profiles (I should probably start with myself, I believe mine is pretty sparse)!  You can do this by clicking your user name in the column to the right after you’ve logged in.  Also, this feature allows you to share a photo of yourself through  If/when you create an account and upload a photo to you must use the same email address you use on this site for this feature to find your photo.



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