Western Bits for Morgans

Hi everyone,

Just wondering if you know of any good webs or places to find western show bits.

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  1. jns767 says:

    I’ve found some nice bit in various ways. My local tack shop is able to order bits that they may not have on display. I most recently splurged on a new Les Vogt bit that I am enamored with. It’s gorgeous and works very well. I’ve also gotten a nice bit for a great deal on E-Bay. You can find Fleming and Vogt bits as well as some pretty nice non-descript brands on that site – just don’t go over board on the bidding – be stealthy. I’ve also found nice bits at tack sales and used from consignment shops. One consignment was in Washington State (I’m in Michigan) and she mailed it to me. You can even ask your trainer (if you have one), they may have one or know of someone who wants to sell a bit. They’re out there, ya’ just have to know where to look. Good luck!!

  2. jns767 says:

    Also, bits resell really well on Ebay. The bit I purchased from the consignment in Washington was too small for my horse, so I resold for a bit of a profit on EBAY – I’ve found that horse stuff is quite marketable there.

  3. love-equitation says:

    My horse’s old bit was a Les Vogt, and it was gorgeous! I am selling it now though because he doesn’t need anything that strong anymore. Anyway….


    Also, I’ve seen a lot of the tack-shop-trailers (what would you call those? lol.) that come to the shows have western Morgan/Arab type bits.

  4. colwilrin says:

    Les Vogt…they can make any bit you need.

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