Morgan Pedigree help needed…

I’m new here, figured I’d get more educated responses a Morgan Forum :)

I was hoping someone here that knew more about Morgan’s pedigrees could tell me more about my mare. I recognize some of the names in her lineage, but don’t know how she is primarily bred. I’m assuming she isn’t lippitt bred, because I don’t see many of those horses in her pedigree, but again, I don’t know much about it. Are there any “big names ” in there? Is she “well bred” or decently bred, crappily bred, etc. I’m just curious, people are always asking me, and I really don’t know. I think she’s great, so it doesn’t really matter to me

Here is a link to her in all breed pedigree:

Thanks in advance!

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  1. empressive says:

    Hi Tonya!

    Glad you joined! I like to say that “wisdom can be found in many advisors” well so long as they all know what they are talking about. LOL

    Anywho! About your filly…

    From what I know (and if someone here knows more please feel free to weigh in and correct me if I am wrong) her sire’s side containes the World Champion Valiant Tony. He is a 1/2 paternal brother to Noble Flaire and a great individual himself. I see he was bred to the Schoolmaster daughter Eaton’s Twilight. Schoolmaster was a horse of substance and not seen in too many pedigrees nowadays, though a great horse in his time.

    Applevale Boy King is another great horse sired by Kingston and out of a daughter by Pecos. His offspring have been found talented in an array of disciplines. The “Whit Haven” prefix is well known in the Morgan World also.

    On the dam’s side you have Beamington who is and has sired many World Champions. Today his influence is still greatly seen in the Morgan world, in every discipline. Gay Dancer is another great horse and sadly not seen too much in today’s pedigrees. Gay Commander is in particular very old blood being that he from the 1950′s and is seen in your mares pedigree in the 4rth generation where the other horses of the 4rth generation are from the 1960′s. Meade, Goldfield, and Mansfield are all very old lines and rarely seen on the fifth and fourth generation lines. So this is very fun to see!

    Lastly, you do have a touch of Lippit blood on the dam’s dam’s dam’s side. LOL Basically through Seven-O Gay May’s sire Moro Hill Gay Ethan. 14.2 hands and weighing 1,000 lbs he was huge. You probably already know this, but some of the horses on your fillies pedigree on “AllBreed…” have a red asterisk by their name. That means that there is a picture on that horses page. Just click on the horses name and at the top of the pedigree were the horses name is there will be a tiny boxed horse figure. Hold the mouse on that and up forms a picture! Whahoo! There is also sometimes a little circled “i” which will show some information about the horse.

    Overall I believe your filly is a very nice collection of some well loved old breeding with a great balance of old and new. Valiant Tony and Beamington head the newer and more contemporary blood of you mare. Applevale Boy King, Gay Dancer, Moro Hill Gay Ethan, and Gay Commander bringing in the older blood we all love and miss. These are all “Big Names” in the Morgan World she is rather a “Heinz 57″ if you will. A collection of the best. I would say that she is very well bred, but at the end of the day it is the conformation that counts.

    Many people on this site (and others) will agree that a well bred horse is nothing without the looks to back them up. Leading to this comment… the picture did not show up. (WHAAAA BOO HOO!!!) Sorry about the pic! So all in all JPO Great Expectations has a wonderful history of great horses in her bloodlines. I am sure others here, if not to busy with the show and breeding season, would be happy to elaborate on the great horses in your mares pedigree.

    I am glad that you are having fun with her and hope that you continue to have fun with her! And thanks again for joining our little group!

  2. jazzsinger says:

    What a great question and answer. I’m still learning about breeding lines and am fascinated by these conversations. I see two ‘notable’ names way back in your girl’s lineage: Waseeka’s In Command and Upwey Ben Don. These are two old names I see in a lot of horse’s pedigrees. My 4-year old gelding is an In Command grandson and an Upwey Ben Don great great grandson.

    My 2-year old filly is a Noble Flaire great granddaughter and an In Command great great granddaughter. Neither of my horses has Lippitt blood, at least not in the four generations about which I know.

    At the end of the day, of course, pretty is as pretty does. Thankfully, they’re both beautiful AND bright and very civilized. Thanks for bringing this up.

  3. Truemorganbloodline says:

    Some of the most famous Foundation Morgans include Ethan Allen, Black Hawk, Sherman Morgan and of course the one that started it all Justin Morgan. Justin Morgan breed a Thoroughbred with a Candian and started the first American born horse breed (at least from all that I have read). I’ve recently come to find out that a gaited Morgan only comes from the true bloodline of Justin Morgan. So if your filly is gaited, that might be the stamp of approval you are looking for. We have two gaited foundation morgans that are direct decendents of Justin Morgan. A 6 year mare named Key “Chablis” Time and a 4 year gelding named Flower of Bordeaux (soon to be changed to “Solitude” Justin Time. He has the most appealing presence about him. We are actually putting together a full pedigree bloodline painting together this next year or so for the TrueMorganBloodline. We also have a new website under construction There is so much more out there with respect to the Morgan horse. Many people don’t necessarily know this, but the Morgan was the choice of Generals during the Civil War because of their work ethic, hardy hoofs and an endurance not matched by other horses.

    Take care,
    Michael and Karyn

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