Funny video

Here is my yearling colt, Upnorth Alexander, having fun with his ball today.  The mark at the start of the video goes away shortly.  missy

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  1. jazzsinger says:

    This is adorable. I’ve already shared it with a bunch of people. Not for nothing, but he’s got a sweet little trot there…

  2. Jennifer says:

    It is a cute video. Looks like he would make a lovely western horse. Just a question, but wouldn’t a smaller ball safer?

  3. Thanks. He can trot, when he doesn’t pace! Western, probably not. He either paces or trots like a park horse when he isn’t chasing the ball around.

    As for a smaller ball, he has a half flat basketball he gets all day all. He only gets the big ball when supervised. He actually is pretty careful and stays away from the fence but can get right after it.

    He is a lot of fun and we enjoy him, well all of them :) there are 16 of them.

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