You know you’re a…

Horse Person When….

  • 1- For every 10 sets of new shoes your horse gets, you get maybe one.
  • 2- You are totally grossed out by human hair in the sink or tub, but don’t mind horse hair in your washer, on your clothes, or in your food.
  • 3- You can’t imagine why anyone would think it kinky to own whips and spurs.
  • 4- You are unreasonably pleased to get a horse item, ANY horse item, as a gift. “They really cared!!!”
  • 5- You drive by ANY field ANYWHERE and look very hard for horses.
  • 6- You lunge your dog and notice that he/she listens to you better.
  • 7- Your truck looks like a tack-shop bomb exploded in it.
  • 8- If you have ever seriously freaked out a ‘non-horsey’ friend with an A.I. breeding conversation over your cell phone with the stallion owner.
  • 9- On rainy days, you organize the tack room, not the house.
  • 10- You stop channel surfing at Budweiser Clydesdale commercials.
  • 11- You say “whoa” to your truck/car.
  • 12- You’ll let your trainer get after you all day, but will cut off your boss’ head if he looks at you funny.
  • 13- You choose which clothes to buy on the basis of whether you can wash horse slobber/manure out of them and if hay or sawdust will stick to them.
  • 14- You use baling twine to repair non-horse-related things.
  • 15- Your trainer and vet are the only non-family on your speed-dial.
  • 16- You’ve ever commented on your barn cat loping on the wrong lead.
  • 17- Your doctor doesn’t bother to ask how you got hurt anymore.
  • 18- The ONLY pictures in your office are of your horses.
  • 19- You go on a diet, not to be more attractive, but to be a better rider.
  • 20- And finally, you know you’re a horse person if you answered “yes” to even ONE of these!

I know these can be kind of stupid, but this one actually made me smile…


Hope everyone had a good Memorial Day weekend!!



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