Men’s western show hat??

I am trying to outfit a male western rider in our barn.  We have never had a western horse or rider before, nor do I have any personal experiene with western.

Do male riders wear felt hats or straw?


3 Responses to Men’s western show hat??

  1. colwilrin says:

    Men are the same as women and wear felt indoors and straw outside in the heat.

  2. Carole says:

    Thought that it always has been from Memorial day to Labor day -Straw hat.

    From Labor day to Memorial day it’s- Felt hat.

    Old time idea.

  3. j.a.b. says:

    If you can only afford one though I think go for the felt. Felt is always appropriate, straw would be inappropriate at certain times, such as indoors and I would think for a championship class, especially at night.

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