What is your horse’s name?

Hey everyone! I just wanted to take the time to post this and see what you’ve all named your pride and joy. My horse’s name is Minutiae, what about you?

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  1. mrsfire says:

    The love of my life is named Erotic Dancer, but I did not name her. I did have the privilege of naming her first offspring, Belly Dancer, who I also have deep affection for.

  2. Scottfield03 says:

    I have only named two horses. The first horse I ever bought I purchased out of a field as a young yearling, and she hadn’t been registered yet, so I got to name her so long as I used their prefix. So she is LSF She’s Come Undone. This spring i got to name a client’s colt AND they let me use my prefix as I put the breeding together, so his name is SFS High Hopes. Obviously, I am going with a song theme. :-)

  3. Carley says:

    well i didn’t get to pick either of the names that my horses are registered as… but i did pick barn names :)

    my 3 year old is JDS Absolut Appeal, who’s barn name is Riot. mostly because hes causes a riot everywhere he goes.
    my 2 year old is JDS Celebrity Expose, barn name Ace. this came about because on the ride home he INSISTED on beating the crap out of the trailer. pawing and pawing and pawing until the wonderful miracle drug with the common name of Ace talked some sense into him :)

  4. GraceMorgn says:

    We didn’t get to pick out our horses’ names, but their barn names are kind of cute.

    EHM The Ransom Note “Bomber” was named because his original owner’s friend teased that when he was born he would look like a donkey they knew named Bomber. He doesn’t, but it stuck.

    EHM Up For Ransom “Beamer” is Bomber’s full brother. Beamer thinks he is a sports car and we wanted something to go with Bomber.

    Deer Creek Grand Duke “Flirt” was originally called Duke. We decided it didn’t fit him though. When we picked him up, he was laying over at a barn in OK. Every time he went by another horse’s stall, he stopped to check things out and profess how cool he was to the other horse. Hence the name Flirt.


  5. StacyGRS says:

    I knew “Flirt” when he was a baby!:) Glad he’s doing well.

  6. nightmusicfarms says:

    This thread should hit home to many of us! I have had the pleasure of naming all of my foals, obviously and don’t use my prefix, “Nightmusic”.

    My three colt’s registered name is “He’s A Heartbreaker” and I call him Heartbreaker. Sad to say, Barb Rudicel, who is his surrogate mom and foaled him out, promptly christened him “Elvis”. I happen to hate that nickname, but Barb had possession of the kid and we all know what that means. :) I sent him out to Gerry and Stacy and they named him “Art”. I hate that name every bit as much as “Elvis” and while they have tried to indulge me, the gid was up when I saw him last weekend and all of his “stuff” plus the grooms had him as “Art”. At that same show I heard several other people refer to him as “Rocket” which at least I like much, much better than Elvis or Art.

    I personally prefer Heartbreaker, but told Stacy we may as well call him “Sybil” because the poor guy must have at least six personalities by now.


    Susan proud owner of Heartbreaker, no make that Elvis, sorry I meant Art, no wait, it is Rocket!

    Oh well. He’s cool no matter what.


  7. StacyGRS says:

    hahaha…sorry, Susan:) We are not very clever and we got “Art” from Heartbreaker. He needed a name…nobody told us when he came:)
    As for names, I have more horses than I care to name, but the ones I have named I have had fun with. The first one I ever named was Layla…I had that name for years…just love the song and the name. Then we had Glory Days (Barn name Bruce, for fairly obvious reasons), Lucky As Me (Phil Vasser song…thus barn name= Phil:), State of Grace (Barn name Posie…one of the kids named her…said when she was in the field as a baby she always stopped an posed, so we should call her Posie:), Amos Moses (Jerry Reid song…we called him Amos),Real Love (call her Love), and my favorite is Song of the South. She was named after a client that had given us the mare when she had a health scare. Thankfully the client/friend was OK in time. Anyone that ever met her knew that she was in all ways a southern lady. Fun name…just loved it. Now I have 2 to name for this year. Obviously, we do songs as well, which has gotten pretty hard. I think it is a shame that some words are allowed to be registered as prefixes…makes things difficult. When I named State of Grace (which I love,name and horse)I went thru about 10 names to get one I could use! Not looking forward to the process all over again…takes the fun out of it!

  8. smccullo says:

    Cool thread! My husband has Celebrity Time Morgans and has a movie/stage theme, which is one reason why we changed “Emily” to Emmy (as in the award), Stacy ;). I am Glory Days’ (Bruce) owner and I LOVE both the horse and the name! We have many derivations of Bruce (Bruce on the loose, Brucie, The Brucable) but there is nothing like hearing the song Glory Days and thinking of Bruce prancing to the music! We all flipped out at the SuperBowl when Springsteen played it!


  9. nightmusicfarms says:

    Stacy, you have picked great names and I love State of Grace in particular. I have always loved “Amazing Grace”, song and name, but it has been used a lot over the years.

    Glory Days caught my eye when you named him, because I had Glory Edition, Heartbreaker’s dam. I named her filly Hope and Glory, whom Demise now owns, so funny how small our family “circles” become.

    I also bred The Alchemist and it was funny because so many people had no idea what his name meant. One of the names I used but liked the least was “Bellagio”, his full brother. (Bell Flaire x Tedwin Tango). Too bad, because no sooner was he registered than Renee Page told me she had always wanted to use it, so I was sorry about that.

    I named last year’s colt by Stand and Deliver “Stand In Tribute”, as his dam’s name is RRG Trophy’s Trophy’s Tribute. Heartbreaker’s brother is named Half Moon Bay, not only a beautiful spot on the CA coast, but also somewhat fit his markings.

    Songs are a great source of names and as The Boss is my all time favorite, glad to see him featured!

  10. empressive says:

    Aw you guys this is so cool.

    I was blessed to be able to name my filly myself when I bought her. I named her NR Empressive By Design. With of course, the farm prefix of where she came. Her nick name is Dot, but I sometimes call her buddy since she is my buddy.

    I also have Dragonfire Joy Ride, whose nicknames take a great range too! LOL She sure is a Joy ride! Gotta laugh ’cause if she is running and I lean to a side she will go that way.

    Isn’t it funny how some horses live up to their names? I always wondered how you could name a foal and how the name would fit them later on as they grew up. Anywhoo! Someday I wish to use this name, but as college dawns and life moves on I probably won’t. The name is “Bey Be Mine”. Always thought it was adorable and still have not found a Morgan with a like name.

  11. colwilrin says:

    They do sometimes live up to their names. I had MLF Stuntman. He escaped from his stall at several shows. He was also known to like to buck and twirl. His barn name was Willie and depending on his mood it was “Sweet William” or “Wild Willie.”

  12. empressive says:

    Yes! That is so adorable. Well maybe not the buck and spin part.

    My filly Empressive has continually suprised my friends and I. A friend has a Standardbred gelding that has won over a million in winnings all over the world. From Australia to the USA. Last year we rode out on the trail on our own and decided to race. Dot (Empressive) kept up. Believe it? Well we did.It was a blast I have never ridden like that in my life.

    We trotted over a mile. Dot nagged on his heels the whole time. I wish I had it on video, but that would have been hard while trying to ride. LOL

  13. trotsie says:

    It is really neat to know how diffrent people name their horses. I have never had the chance to name my own horse, but I usually try to stick with what the breeder name them. I bought Flintlock’s Grandee when he was a yearling and Gael(the breeder)told me a great story of how he was named so I stuck with “Grandee”. That name to me described him to a tee a very fancy show horse. When I send him to training in New York they called him “Randy”. now he lives in Washington and I think they call him “Dino”–He will always be Grandee to me.
    Now I have Hylee’s Hot Brown aka Hotsie I don’t like that name I tryed to change it to Gwen, but she is truly “hotsie trotsie”.

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