Funny Academy Story

Even though my first love is the Morgan, I also show saddlebreds, and sometimes help my trainer with the academy kids.  I have to tell this story because not only is it funny, but i think we can learn something from it.   I’m not sure how its done in the Morgan world, but in the saddlebred world, all the little leadliners get first place blue ribbon and a big bucket of toys.  Well I was at a schooling show that the barn was hosting, and I was helping out the kids.  Well the leadline class just got out and this little girl was crying really hard.  I asked her, “Honey, whats wrong, you got a blue ribbon, thats really good…” Well what she said next almost knocked me off my feet.  She said, and I quote “But I didn’t want the blue ribbon, I wanted the PINK ribbon!!!!”  She said this while huge crocodile tears are running down her face.  I couldn’t help but laugh and told her I would get her a pink ribbon.  I took the blue ribbon and went to my trainer and said that I needed to trade the blue one for the pink one.  She gave me a wierd look and when i told her that the little girl wanted a pink one, she just laughed.  I went back to the little girl with the biggest pink ribbon we had, and I have never seen a happier girl in my life.  If we learn anything from that little girl, it’s that there is more to showing and life than the color of the ribbon you get.

4 Responses to Funny Academy Story

  1. jns767 says:

    That’s adorable. I have a few pink ribbons she can have ;)

  2. empressive says:

    Oh! That is so precious! Hopefully this year I will have a little leadliner too! Goodluck showing this year!

  3. HoovesOfSteel says:

    What a charming story! Good luck also!

  4. valiants_lilrider207 says:

    Haha!!! I’m 12, and when I was in leadline, I ALWAYS wanted the pink ribbon!!! But now, I DONT want the pink ribbon!!! Haha.

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