Yuck nasty little buggers!

Still do not know how they “fit” into the whole ecosystem thing. Let alone how they help anything! :(

SO for those of us having to deal with these minute pests, what kind of fly spray or mix do you use?

Heck, turn it this way… what is working this year? I pulled out a bottle of spray that I had used last year that worked well and it hasn’t scared off a single fly.

My shoer said he uses a mix of Broncho, Piranha, and vinegar. Blah, it doesn’t taste good. I know that much.

Don’t ask I know TMI.

Well thanks!

4 Responses to FLIES

  1. Chris Nerland says:

    For control of flies generally in the barn area, I use Spalding fly predators, which work very well. As far as fly spray on the horses during rides, we use Repel-X which has some effect, but not 100%. I don’t really think there is a fly repellant out there which is safe to spray on skin which is at the same time extremely effective. The chemicals would have to be so strong as to have a possible irritant side effect.

  2. colwilrin says:

    To keep no-see-ums, deer flies, and green-eyed cowboys off of their heads…tuck a drier sheet (Bounce, etc…) under the crownpiece of the bridle.

    I don’t recommend using this at shows, however, for obvious reasons! LOL

  3. Carley says:

    mix 1:1:1 parts skin-so-soft, vinegar and water. it works miracles and makes the ponies smell good too :)

  4. empressive says:

    Oh! Carley keep flies off and smell good in the ring!

    Col- knowing me… I would try to go into the showring like that! ;+st for fun and make people laugh.

    chris- I really was never sure of those “flyeaters” but if they do make a difference then they are really something to invest in.

    Thanks everyone! And to smelling good in the show ring!

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